#92 [1.0.0] Show Contact \"Description\" in View Account

Version 1.0

I propose that on the ViewAccount page the Description field be displayed in the Contacts table.

I assume that the most useful way to use the Description field is to indicate a non-OFBIZ role such as "main", "secondary", "backup", "wife", "technical", "admin", etc.
It will be useful to have this information displayed for a sales rep that is looking for a role contact amongts a list od contacts


  • Ignatius Reilly

    Ignatius Reilly - 2007-05-21

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    To prevent display problems for implementations where this field stores a lot of information (MySQL TEXT field, 65535...) we could show the field's first 15 characters

  • Si Chen

    Si Chen - 2007-05-22
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    • summary: [1.0.0] Show Contact "Description" in View Account --> [1.0.0] Show Contact \"Description\" in View Account
  • Si Chen

    Si Chen - 2007-05-22

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    Scott, I think this is a good idea. What do you think?

  • Scott Gray

    Scott Gray - 2007-05-30

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    As usual nothing is straightforward, the listContacts form is used in other places and can't be displayed in those places because description is a clob ie. the lookupContact screen brings up the list of contacts using a Select Distinct query which can't select clobs.

    Any advice?
    I could create a new form that extends listContacts and add the description to that?

  • Leon Torres

    Leon Torres - 2007-06-18

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    Yeah this is one of the downfalls of the form widget. Attempting to make it reusable breaks flexibility.

    We can delay this task until such a point when we convert the widgets wholesale over to opentaps form macros, or you could try the form extension thing. Once we have macros, it'll be far easier to create a nicer list of contacts or whatever.


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