#335 Cookies repeatedly set by Web app use different variables


When a Web application repeatedly sets a Cookie (it doesn't matter if it is to the same value or a different value) then the created SCL will use a new defined SCL variable for each Set-Cookie.

Although the created code works fine it makes the scripts longer, overcomplicated and wastes the memory associated with the SCL Cookie variables. It would be much better for the generated code to realize a previously set Cookie is being reset and simply use the old variable to store the new Cookie value.


  • Daniel Sutcliffe

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  • Daniel Sutcliffe

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    A fix for this issue has been merged into the CVS HEAD. It
    will become generally available in the OpenSTA 1.4.4 release.


    The fix involved checking to see if the same named Cookie
    had been set before and if so reusing that variable rather
    than creating and declaring a new one during TOF generation
    in the Gateway.

    Static/CONSTANT Cookies will still always use a new
    variable for every time they change - although if they are
    changing that means they are changing using some other
    method than a HTTP Set-Cookie header ...

    See this FAQ for more information:


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