#323 Batch startup options unintuitive and don't work as intended


There is a timing problem when I check "Introduce
Virtual Users in Batches". This is most noticable if
I'm starting VUs no faster than 1 per second. If there
is more than one batch, then the actual batch ramp up
time is less than what I specify. The actual ramp up
time is "(specified) ramp up time" divided by "number
of users per batch" too short.

I'm running OpenSTA

An example illustrating this issue is posted at
Another problem mentioned there - the time between VUs
within the last batch is longer than for all other
batches if the total number VUs in the task group is
not evenly divisible by the number of users per batch.


  • Daniel Sutcliffe

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  • Daniel Sutcliffe

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    See this mail Thread for more info and thoughts:
    As I say in the mails there - unlikely to see a fix in the 1.4 series but at least its logged for the future ...

  • Bernie Velivis

    Bernie Velivis - 2007-10-18

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    The smaller the number of VUs, the worse the problem. Ramping 5 users over 5 minutes it is noticeable. Ramping 40 users over 5 minutes it was not.


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