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OpenSSL32 Counters ReDesigned

The OpenSSL32 webcounter/installation_counter have been redone due to the dataloss from a recent cleanup by the staff. Everything is now handled by a MySQL database instead of a file-based database (been meaning to do it anyway, so this was kindof a kick in the ass to do it.)

Also keep a lookout for a new release of OpenSSL32 in the near future, I will soon have the time to do some more work on it & convert it from a VB6 to a VB.NET project, once this is done the source-code will also be released. :-)

Posted by Shane Lahey 2003-05-20

OpenSSL v1.0.39 Released!

Christmas is over and it's a new year... so here is version 1.0.39 of OpenSSL32. Don't forget, OpenSSL32 now includes file encryption/decryption support for all of OpenSSL's supported ciphers.

Posted by Shane Lahey 2003-01-09

OpenSSL32 v1.0.36 released

This release introduces support for encryption/decryption of files, plus other changes & bugfixes.

Posted by Shane Lahey 2002-12-11

Version 1.0.30 released

This version of OpenSSL32 should be faster than previous releases, and looks nicer than the others as well :) The verification code was re-written for better speed & memory use. The next release *MAY* contain file encryption/decryption option(s).

Posted by Shane Lahey 2002-12-08

OpenSSL32 v1.0.27 released

Version 1.0.27 of OpenSSL32 has been released, this version fixes the saving of XML files, where the full pathnames of files were being saved. Also some minor changes/bugfixes have been done.

Posted by Shane Lahey 2002-12-06

OpenSSL32 released

I have just uploaded the first release of OpenSSL32.

Posted by Shane Lahey 2002-12-05