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Upgraded to JDOM-b7

This allows us to dump Xerces and use 1.4's built-in SAX2. Now the only external requirement is to have jdom-b7. Also, jdom-b7 deprecates the use of relative URI namespaces. Therefor, you must set the full path to your DTD location in opensrsjava.conf.

Posted by Robert Dale 2002-01-15


The latest working stuff is in CVS. It includes using JCE for Blowfish and MD5 and using a Properties-based configuration file. The roadmap ahead is figuring out a better API, using 1.4 logging API, and lessening 3rd-party dependencies, and supporting all commands.

Posted by Robert Dale 2002-01-14

Under New Management

Noah's work has taken him in a different direction. I am the new maintainer now. There will be some updates made in CVS early next week.
As a preview, everything works now, I just want to clean up the code a little. Also, it will require jsdk 1.4. If you have any comments, please email me.

Posted by Robert Dale 2002-01-11

a couple notes

To get the XML stuff to work, you need to have these .jar files in your classpath at compile time:


Additionally, at runtime you need:


in your classpath.


Posted by Noah Couture 2001-02-23

Uploading my code

Hey folks,

I'm uploading what i've got so far. The cool thing is that authentication works. I've tried to model the perl modules to a fair extent, but I haven't been that disciplined about it.

Things that are notably missing:

o RACE encoding for MLTDs
o A nice simple way to translate between a java language object and an xml document. I've put a lot of work into an XCP object to handle this, but i'm not satisfied with it.
o A high level api such as is in the perl cgi scripts. If you want to register a domain for example, you'll need to create the xml page and call OpenSRSXMLClient.send_cmd.
o I'm using non-standard md5 and blowfish libraries. I haven't had enough time to figure out how JCE works, but I did install it.... read more

Posted by Noah Couture 2001-02-23

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