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development still ongoing

"There is a new branch of opensocks with interesting new features:
* internationalisation (i18n)
* localization (l10n) to spanish (work in progress)
* l10n to catalan (finished)
* New modules included!:
** Wiki (Erfurt Wiki)
** Photo Gallery (Mon Album)
** Forums (L-Forum)
** Search module now 100% PHP/MySQL (Phpdig)

See it in action at:
Nowadays, source code is in CVS or upon request to xavidp at read more

Posted by Robert Kukla 2004-06-07

Open SoCks 1.0 released

At last, Open SoCks is released in version 1.0.

The project has been stable for a while now, and only minor additional features have been added since the last release. It seems do to everything people want over here. As no new bugs have been reported, so I guess we can call it a 1.0.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2002-05-06

Open SoCks 0.21 released

Open SoCks is a management system for internet/intranet for universities. It manages staff, modules/programmes, committees/subject groups, timetables, research groups/grants/projects, PhD students, electronic documents, lecture/tutorial notes, publications, etc.

This is major rewrite of modules and programmes scripts and db structures. This is out of my control, as the data comes from an external database. Also several minor changes and bug fixes. See release notes for details.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2001-12-06

Please download config.php3 for release 0.21

I left the cloacking device on on release 0.21, which may cause problems if your HTTP server is not set up to handle it. Sorry about that.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2001-12-04

Please download abilities.sql

It appears I forgot to include the contents of one of the necessary tables in release 0.20 (I'm new to making releases, be forgiving). You can simply download it and import its content to your SoCks database. Without it, user rights can't be managed at the resource level.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2001-11-14

Open SoCks 0.20 released

As promised, I've uploaded the source for Open SoCks 0.20. It should contain enough information to get you started and allow you to customise it to your needs. Hopefully, this is the last pre 1.0 version.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2001-11-13

Features description

I uploaded a short description of most of the features offered by SoCks. This was a report written a while ago in one day but never actually used for anything. You can find it in the documentation section.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2001-11-10

New open source status

The project has been running for a few months (as a semi-official hobby within the university), is currently being tested, and runs the official department's internet/intranet system. One of the interfaces (the internet interface) can be seen here: It has recently acquired the status of open source project and the code will be posted here soon. I'm working on a package and install procedures to release them here, hopefully next week.

Posted by Cedric Raguenaud 2001-11-10