#14 attachment mime types



are there any plans to build a hashtable or something
similar (a managed structure of some sorts) of file
extensions and mime types so as to loose the dependency
on the registry? I'm sure you've already thought of
this and your implementation is based on a design

nice job.


  • Ian Stallings

    Ian Stallings - 2004-03-17

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    yeah actually I already have a class built and I can email it to
    you if you like. I had this in a previous release but found the
    registry faster on win32 machines. I need to add mono build
    support and have this as a conditional. IE - If it's on win32
    use the registry, if any other platform use the hashtable. I will
    add this in the next release.

  • Steve Whitley

    Steve Whitley - 2004-03-17

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    ah ok,

    actually I've been writing a mail library and had a mimetype
    class which contained quite a dictonary of mimetypes (based
    on file extensions) as a hashtable behind the scenes. My
    mail library isn't open source, but I was going to see if
    you wanted that piece of it if you didn't already have
    something along those lines.

    quite nice work you have though. It's always interesting to
    see how different people implement smtp (atleast for this
    nerd it is :P) and hadn't come across this project back when
    I started mine (:S I thought I was going to have the first
    .net managed mail (w/ smtp) library but looks like you've
    been around for a while :) ) dunno how I missed this one
    back then...

    If you still want to look at what I have and add any types
    you dont have in your mimetype library, I'd still be glad to
    send it over.


  • Ian Stallings

    Ian Stallings - 2004-03-22
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  • Jason Kirkpatrick

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  • Jason Kirkpatrick

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