#662 OpenSIPS crash with CallControl custom parameters and fr_inv_timer


When activated CallControl with parameters init, start or stop customized. and invite the timer module tm (fr_inv_timer) set, if this time is reached, then OpenSIPS will crash with error on pvar.c:1042 (1.8.x versions) or pvar.c:1050 (1.9.x versions).

With the attached patch (1.8.x) failure does not occur. But do not think that is the best solution.

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  • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

    • assigned_to: Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
  • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

    Your fix is related to $ci variable (to skip if the msg is a TM FAKE_REPLY) - are you using this variable in any of your routes ? what is the connection between that variable and callControl module ?


  • Everson Pereira

    Everson Pereira - 2013-05-27

    The only place I use this variable is the parameter stop the call control:
    modparam("call_control", "stop", "callid=$ci")

    Below is DUMPCORE:

    0 pv_get_callid (msg=0xffffffffffffffff, param=0x7fd6ca3c3d28, res=0x7fff7f0c6e80) at pvar.c:1042

        __FUNCTION__ = "pv_get_callid"

    1 0x0000000000468710 in pv_get_spec_value (msg=0xffffffffffffffff, sp=0x7fd6ca3c3d10, value=0x7fff7f0c6e80) at pvar.c:3980

        ret = <value optimized out>
        pv_msg = 0x0
        __FUNCTION__ = "pv_get_spec_value"

    2 0x00007fd6c53c1f38 in make_custom_request (msg=0xffffffffffffffff, call=<value optimized="" out="">) at call_control.c:601

        request = '\000' <repeats 8191 times>
        len = 0
        al = 0x7fd6ca3c3cd8
        pt = {rs = {s = 0x0, len = 0}, ri = 0, flags = 0}
        __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "make_custom_request"
        __FUNCTION__ = "make_custom_request"

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