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Created Updated Type Component Version Priority Blocker
2436 amfnd: Buffered messages are unexpectedly deleted during SC Absence period 5.17.06 assigned Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 34 minutes ago 34 minutes ago defect amf major False  
2435 amf: make auto repair restriction optional 5.17.06 review Gary Lee Gary Lee 4 days ago 2 days ago defect amf major None  
2434 log: lgs doesn't checkpoint dest_names in open stream request 5.17.08 review Canh Truong Canh Truong 5 days ago 3 days ago defect log major None  
2432 dtm: Node reboot because transportd reads invalid pid of dtmd 5.17.06 review Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 5 days ago 4 days ago defect dtm minor None  
2431 smf: imm version changes need to be updated to latest 5.17.08 review Neelakanta Reddy Neelakanta Reddy 6 days ago 3 hours ago defect smf major False  
2430 lck: resources can deadlock after master glnd restart 5.17.08 review Alex Jones Alex Jones 7 days ago 6 days ago defect lck 5.2 major None  
2429 clm: support for a clm utility to perform tracking and cluster status. 5.17.08 accepted Praveen Praveen 2017-04-17 2017-04-17 enhancement amf major None  
2428 Amf: Amfd crashes when su is unlocked 5.17.08 review Nagendra Kumar Nagendra Kumar 2017-04-14 2017-04-14 defect amf 5.0GA major None  
2427 Debian building framework future accepted Jonas Arndt Jonas Arndt 2017-04-13 2017-04-13 enhancement unknown minor None  
2426 mds: MDS send failure 5.17.08 unassigned Hung Nguyen 2017-04-13 2017-04-13 defect mds major None  
2425 lck: implement saLckLimitGet 5.17.08 accepted Alex Jones Alex Jones 2017-04-12 2017-04-12 enhancement lck major None  
2424 amfnd: illegal memory access in avnd_comptype_delete() 5.17.06 review Hoa Le Hoa Le 2017-04-12 2017-04-12 defect amf minor None  
2423 rde: RDE sets the active role even if there is a node with the active role in a cluster 5.17.06 review Zoran Milinkovic Zoran Milinkovic 2017-04-11 2017-04-13 defect rde major None  
2422 imm: ObjectMutation is added to sPbeRtMutations even when validation for duplicate values fails 5.0.2 assigned Hung Nguyen Hung Nguyen 2017-04-11 2017-04-11 defect imm minor None  
2418 imm: Info of dead IMMND remains in standby IMMD 5.0.2 review Hung Nguyen Hung Nguyen 2017-04-10 2017-04-13 defect imm major None  
2417 amf: support for si-swap in N+M model when Standbys are in different SUs. 5.17.08 accepted Praveen Praveen 2017-04-10 2017-04-10 enhancement amf major None  
2416 amfnd: su_si assignment message could be processed during SC absence stages 5.1.1 accepted Minh Hon Chau Minh Hon Chau 2017-04-10 2017-04-10 defect amf major None  
2414 amf: Support NoRed model for OpenSAF directors 5.17.08 assigned Anders Widell Anders Widell 2017-04-06 2017-04-10 enhancement amf major None  
2412 log: refactor handling log client database in log agent 5.17.08 review Vu Minh Nguyen Canh Truong 2017-04-04 4 hours ago enhancement log major None  
2411 log: agent gets TIMEOUT during failover 5.17.08 assigned Canh Truong Vu Minh Nguyen 2017-04-04 6 days ago defect log major None  
2409 amf: Issues with the printing of CLC CLI command environment variables in traces 5.17.06 review Nguyen TK Luu Nguyen TK Luu 2017-04-03 2017-04-13 defect amf minor None  
2407 amfnd: message ID mismatches during SC absence recovery 5.17.08 accepted Gary Lee Gary Lee 2017-03-31 2017-04-10 defect amf major None  
2403 amf: cores were generated for amfd and amfnd on different controllers. future unassigned Praveen 2017-03-30 2017-03-31 defect base major None  
2394 clm: add clm tool commands for admin op and state check. 5.17.08 review Praveen Praveen 2017-03-23 2017-04-10 enhancement clm major None  
2390 lck: integrate with CLM 5.17.08 review Alex Jones Alex Jones 2017-03-21 2017-04-14 enhancement lck major None  
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