#7 Support 256 chars + various

Per Grahn

First of all this is an excellent package.

I am an european who is not a nativ english speaker. I
have tryed to display words from my nativ language
(swedish) which uses the upper half of the iso8859-1
character set. Open RM don't display those chars with
the RM_TEXT primitive.
Suggestion: extend the number of chars cached, se patch
file on rmxtext.c and rmwtext.c

OpenGL on solaris 9 (SunOS 5.9) is missing
suggestion: use "glXGetProcAddress" instead, se patch file

I have compiled I and used this package under
mingw/msys/WindowsXP together the fltk-1.1.6 package
and a pthreads package suggested by fltk. This led to a
number of changes and additions, se patch file

The character buffer in "rmi/rmppm.c" was far to short
and caused a overflow error when used with long pathnames.

Wrong order of compiler flags in "rmv/Makefile.x11". It
was not the same as in the other Makefiles

Feature wish:
A mechanism to load and use new typefaces, for example
a typeface with map symbols or similar ones.


  • Per Grahn

    Per Grahn - 2005-10-17
  • E. Wes Bethel

    E. Wes Bethel - 2006-08-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> wbethel
  • E. Wes Bethel

    E. Wes Bethel - 2006-08-15

    Logged In: YES


    Thanks for the comments and the patch. We'll take a look at
    integrating as much of this as is possible in the next release.


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