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Looking for helpers

There was a recent comment that this project is dead. Let me assure you it is not! I have stopped work on the Rico 2 branch, but I continue to actively work on Rico 3. If anyone would like to help - updating documentation, responding to people's questions on the forums, contributing code - I would certain welcome the assistance. Just send me a message through SF (user dowdybrown).

Posted by Matt Brown 2010-03-31

SVN Updated

I have subdivided the trunk. It now has 3 subfolders:

The most recent trunk code was moved under the rico2 folder. The original rico1 files were added to rico1. And rico3 files are finally available in the rico3 folder.

Posted by Matt Brown 2010-03-31

Rico 3.0 Preview

I have posted a preview of Rico 3.0 at:

The new version can now work with any of 5 base libraries - Prototype, dojo, jQuery, MooTools, and ext-core. The event model, Ajax model, Animation model, and CSS selector model are tied to the base library, but adapters provide common calling conventions. So now if your project uses jQuery, you can still use Rico LiveGrids!

The second big change is that Rico 3.0 is compatible with jQuery Themeroller. There are 5 built-in Rico themes that have been extended to cover not just the grid, but all Rico widgets. But if one of those isn't exciting enough for you, you can now style LiveGrid and the other widgets using Themeroller. And, you can use those Themeroller themes without using jQuery - they will run with any of the 5 base libraries that Rico 3.0 is compatible with.... read more

Posted by Matt Brown 2009-05-04

OpenRico 2.1 is now available

OpenRico 2.1 is now available in the download section. It includes a compressed version of Rico & Prototype - all Javascript code in a single file! It also fixes a number of bugs, details of which are in the release notes.

The 2.1 examples have been posted to htttp://dowdybrown.com . You will also find an updated Rico 2.1 Javascript reference there.

Matt Brown

Posted by Matt Brown 2009-05-04

OpenRico 2.0 is now available

OpenRico version 2.0 is now available for download from SourceForge.net. OpenRico is based on the latest release of the highly regarded Prototype library, and extends it in a number of useful ways. OpenRico includes support for animations, drag-and-drop, menus, calendars, and tree controls. Most importantly, OpenRico supports grids that scroll - no more paging! And OpenRico gives you many options for your grid: editable or read-only, buffered or unbuffered. It comes with support for displaying many types of data in your grid columns, but if you need something special, you can create your own column types too. Finally, OpenRico comes with server-side libraries that make it easy to get data from your database into your grid - .net, php, and asp-classic plug-ins are included.... read more

Posted by Matt Brown 2009-02-01

OpenRico 2.0 rc2 now available

OpenRico 2.0 rc2 is now available in the download section. You will find 2 download files there:

1) a zip file containing the full rc2 release

2) a zip file containing a demo of rc2 for the Adobe Air environment (see readme.txt in the zip file for instructions on running the demo)

This release contains a number of bug fixes, plus some new items. New items include:

1) a new, more flexible format for the translation files... read more

Posted by Matt Brown 2008-04-25


I was hoping that the next release would be the official 2.0 release. However, I have made a number of significant changes since rc1 that require testing on a broad scale. Therefore, I hope to release 2.0rc2 in early April.

What's changing?

1) The RicoTranslate object is being updated to support a more flexible method of translating phrases. This will allow Rico to support more languages; but also means that all existing translations need to be updated. I've worked on some of the translations but will need help on others. And all of them will need testing.... read more

Posted by Matt Brown 2008-03-21

OpenRico 2.0 rc1 now available

OpenRico 2.0 release candidate 1 is now available in the download section! It improves upon the beta3 release with bug fixes, new examples, and documentation. All examples are available online by selecting Project > Web site from the SourceForge menu.

Posted by Matt Brown 2008-01-29


Welcome to the new home of the OpenRico project! The enhanced resources available at SourceForge will allow our project to be more dynamic and better organized. All examples and a substantial amount of documentation have been loaded onto the new SourceForge web site - just select Project -> Web Site from the menu. In addition, I am pleased to announce that we are releasing Rico 2.0 rc1 today. It is available from the Download menu. In the coming days, Richard Cowin, Mark Moran, and myself will be working to complete the transition from http://openrico.org and http://dowdybrown.com to SourceForge. These are exciting times in the life of our project. Welcome!... read more

Posted by Matt Brown 2008-01-29