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OpenQuicktime 2.0 Alpha 1 Released

I have just released OpenQuicktime version 2.0 Alpha 1. Nothing new recently I'm afraid but I thought it was about time that the source code escaped CVS !

So this is *very* Alpha software - lots of bugs there still.

However hopefully the new cleaner API is fairly fixed now and I hope that we should be able to maintain source (and binary?) comparability from now on...

I haven't had much time to do work on OpenQuicktime for a bit - but looking back at it, I really think it has a lot going for it - perhaps this release will re-kindle some interest in the project.

Posted by Nicholas Humfrey 2003-10-07

3ivx codec for OpenQuicktime

3ivx released a version of its codec as a binary plug-in for OpenQuicktime (i686 Linux glibc 2.1, i383 FreeBSD4.2 and
Sparc Solaris 8 supported).
3ivx is a recent and very effificent propretary video codec; try it at

Posted by Antoine Mine 2001-07-31

New Binary Release (1.0a)

Here comes the binary release of version 1.0a for
i686-linux-glibc21, i386-freebsd4.2 and and spatc-solaris8.
If you want binary release for other platforms, have trouble compiling from the sources (see source release 1.0a) or successfully compiled for a platform which should be here but is not, please contact us!

Posted by Antoine Mine 2001-07-28

New Source Release (1.0a)

New source release of the OpenQuicktime library, numbered 1.0a.
Also check sources releases for OQTEncoder (0.1) and OQTPlayer (0.5).
Soon, binary releases of a few target platforms!

Posted by Antoine Mine 2001-07-27

New OpenQuicktime Web Site

Should be much more readable now ;)

Posted by Yann 2001-06-18

OpenQuicktime Plugin HOWTO

We have released a plugin Howto to help the community to add support for their favorite audio or video codecs. See for more details ...

Posted by Yann 2001-06-07