Andrey - 2011-03-31


What is modern ways to build high availability storage san?
Basic requirement to have specific SAN (iscsi or whatever) be replicated so in case it go down, data is online with second SAN.
Googled a lot, but nothing useful till now. Things with HA or DRBD are looks not so reliable, specially because of latency it give and more complexity (=point of failure).

I think, nowadays "bump of clouds" really need something for solve this problem. There are a lot of virtualization solutions to virtualize CPU+RAM, openqrm is one of greatest examples, but its continue to stick on storage problems.

Either you buy very expensive redundant SAN which is still not really redundant (they can have even 2 motherboard but still it is one piece of hardware), or use single SAN with super-puper RAID which is still not guarantee of failure.

What you think guys?
Btw, found very interesting picture, can Matt or someone else explain what it about?
Looks promised