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#229 windows plugin: reboot / poweroff doesn't work

Plugins-win (3)
Sok Ann Yap

I need to make these changes for the reboot / poweroff action to work:

- Manually edit CopSSH's etc/sshd_config to use OPENQRM_EXEC_PORT instead of the default port 22 [1].

- Change the command in files:
- web/base/server/resource/resource-action.php
- web/base/server/resource/class/resource.reboot.class.php
- web/base/server/resource/class/resource.poweroff.class.php
from "reboot" to "reboot || shutdown -r -t 0" and from "halt" to "halt || shutdown -s -t 0"

By the way, as new version CopSSH is no longer free, perhaps it's good to look for alternative? KpyM Telnet/SSH Server looks like a good option, as it works without an installer [2], and all options can be specified in .ini files, with openQRM-Client.nsi taking care of creating the root user [3].

[1] CopSSH installer doesn't seem to allow specifying the port, although it does support /S for silent mode, and /D for the destination dir:


  • Matt

    Matt - 2012-10-22
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Matt

    Matt - 2012-10-22

    Hi Sok,

    many thanks for your bug report!
    reboot/shutdown actually should work fine even with the port 22 for Copssh since a virtual-command hook remaps those command for windows systems.
    Anyway we plan to enhance the windows integration for the next releases.
    -> thanks for the tip with KpyM!! need to take a look into it and see. From your infos it seems a good replacement for Copssh.

    many thanks, have a nice day and enjoy openQRM 5.0,

    Matt Rechenburg
    Project Manager openQRM


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