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new release: 0.7.10

New release: 0.7.10
Changes: added 12F617,12F1501,16F1503-7-8-9,16F720-21,16F72,16F707, 18F13K22,18F14K22,18F23K22,18F43K22,18F24K22,18F44K22, 18F25K22,18F45K22,18F26K22,18F46K22,18F8520,18F66J60, 18F66J65,18F67J60,18F86J60,18F86J65,18F87J60,18F96J60, 18F96J65, 18F97J60, fixed read/write binary files, various corrections, added support for in-circuit debugging in opgui

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2012-01-29

New release: 0.7.8

New release: 0.7.8
updated algorithms for 16F87xA and 16F62xA,
16F1822 becomes 12F1822, added 30F1010, 30F2020, 30F2023, 16F1847, 12F1840, 16F1516, 16F1517, 16F1518, 16F1519, 16F1526, 16F1527;
greater modularity for source code, corrected some bugs;
auto-search programmer on hiddevX

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2011-04-01

New release: 0.7.7

New release: 0.7.7
added 16F72x;
minor fixes

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2010-08-29

New release: 0.7.6

Release 0.7.6:
modified 93xxx algorithms with byte by byte read for better compatibility,
added support for programmers with 12 bit ADC,
first release of in circuit debugger pdb

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2010-07-10

Release: 0.7.5

New release: 0.7.5
added write "goto ICD" for 16Fx;
corrected PIC18 config write, minor bug fixes.

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2010-06-14

Release: 0.7.4

New release: 0.7.4
added PIC18xxJxx, PIC18xxKxx, PIC24H, dsPIC30, dsPIC33, ATtiny2313, 241024;
corrected PIC24 write algorithm, various bug fixes and enhancements.

Schematics v 1.7: modified PIC24-30-33 expansion board; dsPIC30 now on 5V

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2010-05-28

Release: 0.7.3

New release: 0.7.3
added 16F1xxx;
op compiles under windows;
various bugfixes and code polishing

Schematics v 1.6: added expansion board for 3.3V PIC16-18;

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2010-04-26

Release 0.7.2

New release: 0.7.2
added some MicroWire eeproms;
fixed 16F7xx algorithm;
various bugfixes

Posted by Alberto Maccioni 2010-02-28