Drew Parsons - 2005-04-20

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Fixing this is important to me: I don't have LPD installed,
so currently default PAPI (13 April 2005) always fails:

$ /opt/papi/bin/lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default printer: _default
Failed to contact service for : psm_open():
/opt/papi/lib/psm-.so: /opt/papi/lib/psm-.so: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory

I need to use LD_PRELOAD=/opt/papi/lib/psm-ipp.so to get
lpstat to list my CUPS printers.

Does Solaris use LPD or CUPS by default (or something
else?). I think Linux systems are more likely to use CUPS
these days. For this reason, is it reasonable to ask that
psm-ipp.so be accessed first in preference to psm-lpd.so, as
a short-term workaround for this bug?

p.s. the "psm-.so" in lpstat's output rather than
"psm-lp.so" or "psm-ipp.so" is suspicious - is that simply a