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Technical Update - script file for Linux Platform

Dear OpenPPM users,

Thanks to you guys, we just noticed that our "" script file for linux platform was not correct.

So, we just did a quick technical update in order to provide the right script.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

OpenPPM Support Team

Posted by Talaia 2015-09-15 Labels: Technical

NEW RELEASE - OpenPPM Bulma 4.2.9

Dear OpenPPM Users,

After many months of development, we are now releasing a complete new version of OpenPPM.

We worked a lot to make the deployment of this version much easier, quicker for everybody as there was complaints on that point in the earlier releases.

So we today you have 2 options:

  • Easy Installation for non technical users which include a fully loaded Virtual Machine
  • A Customized Installation for Advanced Users that want to choose the Database and Tomcat Version.... read more
Posted by Talaia 2015-06-17

OpenPPM 2.0 Released

OpenPPM is a product playing in the PPM market. PPM stands for Project Portfolio Management.

OpenPPM is an open source product. The first version of OpenPPM was developed within the scope of a R&D project funded by Spanish Government (Plan Avanza2 2009. Nº exp. TSI-020513-2009-72).

OpenPPM is the first open source tool to manage individual projects and project programs, compliant, by design, with PMI® standards. OpenPPM does not need any other license software. It can be deployed on the majority of operating systems, servers and data bases.... read more

Posted by Joan Barceló 2012-08-02