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A screenshot of the OpenOrchestra instrument template has been added. It is loaded in the linuxsampler teams Gigedit, the ditor being used to create the instruments.

Posted by Adam C 2007-11-14

Instrument template added

An instrument template has been added which will allow easier development of instruments for people wanting to help out. It can now be found on the main wiki-page.

Posted by Adam C 2007-11-14

Samples used in the project

The first tests of the OpenOrchestra were done with samples from:

but have been found to be lacking quite a few samples. Therefore I am now editing samples from:

instead. The idea is to have these in the first release.

Posted by Adam C 2007-11-08

The OpenOrchestra name

This project has been opened but I have found an orchestra in England using the same name. I have contacted the board of this orchestra and have been given an OK by one of the members. The board will soon be meeting and taking up this issue.

Posted by Adam C 2007-11-08