#6 OpenOpcService won't bind to all interfaces.

v1.0 (example)

Setting OPC_GATE_HOST windows environment variable to * (as recommended) instead of the default localhost won't allow me to start the process. It will work fine if I bind it to the actual IP Address of the machine though.

I am working on Ubuntu 12.04 (OpenOPC 1.2.0, Pyro 3.16), Windows 7 (OpenOPC 1.2, Pyro 3.16) running in a virtual machine, firewall off, using bridged adapter instead of NAT.

I was finally able to connect after reading another post about setting what it was binding too. To determine the process wasn't running when setting OPC_GATE_HOST to '*' I used the sysinterals process explorer (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx). You will see it starts and then ends. I also tried instead of * for the environment variable but didn't seem to work.


  • Anthony Oliver

    Anthony Oliver - 2012-09-27

    I forgot to mention, thanks a lot for writing this software, once I had it up and running it made communicating over OPC a snap!

  • Barry Barnreiter

    This is a known shortcoming in the current version. If you have multiple physical Ethernet interfaces you must specify which one you wish to listen on by setting the OPC_GATE_HOST system environment variable to that interface's IP address. The next release of the software will attempt to address this issue so you'll be able to listen on more then one interface.

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  • Barry Barnreiter

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