#16 Nice demo web interface

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The current demo interface is all but user friendly :
- it does not give help for each service provided by the plugins
- the values that shall be entered in the various text fields are not obvious
- it does not encourage the OpenNab users to dig into the feature of the software

The graphically improved interface should take into account the rapidly evolving nature of OpenNab plugins and should not become a development bottkeneck.


  • Olivier Azeau

    Olivier Azeau - 2007-02-14

    Design mockup by Superli

  • Olivier Azeau

    Olivier Azeau - 2007-02-14

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    File Added: openNab.jpg

  • Roelven

    Roelven - 2007-04-11

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    Originator: NO

    Hi guys,

    just signed in to check if I can help out somewhere. I am a concept/communications designer with a major interest in interfaces, if possible, I can provide an improvement of the already proposed interface, together with a nice and clean xhtml + css version of it.

    Contact me at roel [at] onlineadventure.nl with a list of features to be displayed and I will see if I can do this on a short term. I'm toying with my Nabaztag/tag for a while now, and the activity on this projectpage is a bit dissapointing, so let's rock on!



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