#506 File associations on Mac do not work if openMSX already running

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It works only if openMSX is not running yet. This part only requires some meta data in the .app folder. Opening a running instance requires Objective C code, which isn't implemented.

This ticket is for implementing that part, so that opening files with a running instance will be working as well.


  • sandy

    sandy - 2015-05-01

    File associations on a Mac never work, even when openMSX isn't running yet.

    The most annoying missing feature for Mac users....

  • Laurens Holst

    Laurens Holst - 2015-05-02

    For me they sometimes work, sometimes not.

    I was able to figure out why this is, the files that worked had the extended quarantine attribute (which gets set when you download the file from internets):

    [grauw] ~/Development/vgmplay § ls -l@
    -rw-r--r--@  1 grauw  staff  737280 12 apr 00:16 xak1jp-1.dsk
        com.apple.quarantine       26

    When I remove the attribute, double-clicking it stops working:

    xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine xak1jp-1.dsk

    When I re-add the attribute, double-clicking works again:

    xattr -w com.apple.quarantine "0000;4b3a40d0;Safari;|com.apple.Safari" xak1jp-1.dsk
    Last edit: Laurens Holst 2015-05-02
  • Maarten ter Huurne

    It does open when the quarantine flag is set? Intuitively, I'd expect the opposite.

  • Laurens Holst

    Laurens Holst - 2015-05-04

    Yes, it it surprising to me as well.