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First Mongolian Linux "Soyombo 1 Beta" released

OpenMN team has released First Mongolian Linux "Soyombo 1 Beta" as ISO image distribution.

OpenMN (http://www.openmn.org) is Mongolian Open Source Developers Community, with main purpose of developing a Complete Mongolian Linux System supports classical Mongolian (Traditional) Script named Uigarjin which is may be only script top down and left right in the world.

Soyombo is the first release name of Mongolian (cyrillic) Linux, and is a modular distribution based on Morphix, with live-cd support (you burn the CD, you put it in your CD-Rom drive, you boot and it works... no harddisk-installation necessary, doesn't touch your data).... read more

Posted by Khurelbaatar Lkhagvasuren 2004-01-04