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New Module: Webcam monitoring


I am about to post a new module for OpenMC.

You will be able to use your webcam to take snapshots or videos from your webcam ! Amd that with motion detection :)

I will post a new version of the TV Recorder when I get my new TV Tuner Card !

Posted by xavier lois 2004-11-29

OpenMC v0.5


This version does only correct some little nasty bugs with NVidia TV Tuners.

It seems that there is a bug with TV recording too .. I will correct it for v0.6.


Posted by xavier lois 2004-06-24

Archos AV Serie Compatibility


I finally managed to find a solution for a bug that made self recorded videos incompatible with the Archos AV serie.

You can now record and transfer without having to convert anything for the Archos AV :)

V0.4 is on the way with bug fixes and better remote control support !

Posted by xavier lois 2004-05-06

Donation system


I feel that OpenMC now reached a goot state ! I activated the Donation system in case someone wants to support this project !

But please, first think about joining the developpement team first :) I am feeling lonely !


Posted by xavier lois 2004-04-03



v0.3 is out but I suspect a problem with the source I posted ... please wait until tommorow to download it !

Posted by xavier lois 2004-03-25

OpenMC v0.3


You probably saw that I did not post the source code of OpenMC 0.2 ! This was because of bugs I found in the Beta (binary version).

I have corrected almost all the known bugs (one is still open) and I am designing a new user interface (with themes, based on the decorator pattern for those who are interested).

Version 0.3 will come out soon (probably next week!)

Posted by xavier lois 2004-03-24

Open Scheduler

Hi ,
I am working on the Scheduler ... I expect to be able to release it in two weeks !

If you have special requirements please submit them in the RFE section or just in a forum :)

Posted by xavier lois 2004-03-02

Web TV Control


I am building a Web interfeace to watch & control the TV Module from internet !

I will release it next week :)

Posted by xavier lois 2004-03-02

Open MC Beta Available


The beta is available !

A help file will be posted end february !

See the release notes for details !

Posted by xavier lois 2004-02-13

Open MC Beta version


I am pround to announce that the first beta version will be released this week !

Please use the bug tracker to register any bug and the forum /mailing list for help !

The next release will probably only take place on March !

Posted by xavier lois 2004-02-09

Frame Grabber


I added a frame grabber in order to allow you to make a screenshot of what you see on TV !

I will try to add this for Video Playback too :)

Posted by xavier lois 2004-01-26

Remote Control Support & Channels per country


A new update is comming :
- Remote Control with Girder (with a girder file)
- country code for each channel (for countries with PAL and SECAM channels)

Stay tuned :)

Posted by xavier lois 2004-01-23

Streaming Server


Thanks to Microsoft again I have embeded a streaming server in OpenMC !

It will be available in v0.0.12 :)

You can now stream any video/audio source to the network !

For the moment you will have to configure your source through Windows Media Encoder !

I will embed the device configuration in OpenMC soon !

There is a limit : you can only have 5 clients !

Stay tuned !

Posted by xavier lois 2004-01-21

Open MC Beta


The beta release of Open MC will be available soon !

I am trying to improve the user interface at the moment !

The current release is still for developers only.

If you try it please let me know your opinion on the project !


Posted by xavier lois 2004-01-16

Promote OpenMC


Can someone help me to promote OpenMC ?

I need testers and users to know the more important requests and find the major bugs !

If you feel able to help me contact me !

Posted by xavier lois 2003-12-28

New Release : 0.0.8

This is the 8th release of Open MC !

The TV Plug-in is quite good now :)

Look in the release / change notes for more details.

I will try to improve the Picture and the Media Player plug in !

I am planning to ship a beta release for february !

Posted by xavier lois 2003-12-28

Help needed


This project starts growing and I feel lonely !

One main point about OpenMC is that it supports a custom plug in technology. This means that anyone can write a plug in for it !

I think about a lot of plug ins :
- meteo
- news
- shop
- games
- ...

But I only have two hands and ten fingers ...

If you have some ideas and some time to spend feel free to contact me :)

Posted by xavier lois 2003-12-28

Fourth Release


It is still a developer release.

I hope that v0.1.0 will be an end user release !

Stay tuned :)

Posted by xavier lois 2003-12-17

Second Release


This is still only a Developer release.

I added some important building blocks for the future beta release.

I know it is full of bugs :) But I will correct it in two or three release.

Please give your Opinion in the "Open Discussion" forum !


Posted by xavier lois 2003-12-14

First release


There are my first files.

Please note that this release is for developers ONLY ! If you do not have VS.Net 2003 or SharpDevelop or at least the .Net Framework 1.1 you will not be able to compile this code !

For comments, please use the "Open Discussions" forum.


Posted by xavier lois 2003-12-10

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