HRU Labs - 2012-04-06

04/05/12 Openkb.0.0.2
Updated printer friendly layout.
Log in bad attempt error message:
Line; 123 login.php
$message = "Invalid Login, please try again. Make sure caps lock is not enabled. You may also do a password recovery by clicking Forgot Password.";

On main login window:
Line; 36 login.php
$message="Modify this text on line 36 of login.php";

Session expired / unprivileged access attempt:
Line 147 login.php
$message = "Your session has expired or you attempted to access a resource that you do not have permission for. Please login again.";

Fixed a variety of smarty.class errors
Added file upload support.
Added screen shot support
Fixed all (fingers crossed) depreciated errors
Handed off more control to styles.css by removing individual page formatting code, and transferring it to include/styles.css. I left the styles object in the page to allow for fine tuning and over riding, I just removed the data.
The styles section in individual pages is:


Fixed word wrap in comments
Fixed descriptions not showing up in file and screenshots
Simplified design and layout till the basics are done.
Printer friendly version is now a vertical column layout

Last edit: HRU Labs 2012-04-12