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RMI Adaptors completed !

OpenJMX RMI Adaptors have been completed !
RMI Adaptors features are:
- JRMP Adaptor, for plain RMI use from Java applications
- JRMP Adaptor over SSL, for secure RMI use
- IIOP Adaptor for interoperability with CORBA
- RMI Connector, client side connector for the RMI adaptors
- Full support for remote notification listeners and filters
They will be included in the soon to come OpenJMX release candidate.
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Posted by Simone Bordet 2002-02-12

OpenJMX 1.0 beta 2 Released!

OpenJMX, an OpenSource implementation of a JMX agent has relased its version 1.0 beta 2

The new beta version contains several bugfixes over the beta 1 as well as new features like:
* Basic authentication and SSL support for the HttpAdaptor
* xdoclet tasks for automatic generation of MBean and MBeanDescription interfaces
* new SMTP and NamingService MBeans
* several examples and documentation

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Posted by Carlos Quiroz 2002-02-06

OpenJMX 1.0 beta 1 Released !

OpenJMX aims to the development of an OpenSource implementation of a JMX agent following as closely as possible the JMX specification, as well as related JMX tools.

OpenJMX 1.0 beta 1 has been released !
The JMX specification 1.0 is fully covered, as well as some extension like the HTTP adaptor and the RMI adaptor and connector.
Check out OpenJMX features like logging redirection, standard MBean invocation through dynamic proxies and the XML-XSLT HTTP adaptor.
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Posted by Simone Bordet 2002-01-17

OpenJMX almost in beta release !

OpenJMX now covers the whole JMX 1.0 specification !
ModelMBeans, along with Monitor and Relation Services (that were missing), have been completed, thanks to Simone Bordet, Carlos Quiroz and Bronwen Cassidy.
We're finishing rigth now the HTTP adaptor, after that we will post the first beta release of OpenJMX. Stay tuned !

Posted by Simone Bordet 2002-01-03

OpenJMX starts strong

OpenJMX accepts the contribution of an almost complete implementation of the JMX specification by Simone Bordet.
A good base to start from, already working for standard and dynamic MBeans, MLet service and Timer service, and with ModelMBeans that will achieve completeness soon.
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Posted by Simone Bordet 2001-11-15

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