Feature - File Attachments to Support items

  • Reese Borel

    Reese Borel - 2006-04-06

    It would be nice to be able to attach files to the support calls.  Any plans on doing so?

    • Dowdy

      Dowdy - 2006-04-06

      I would like to second this wish list item. Besides missing the attachment(s) support.  This project is excellent work.

    • Michael Schurter

      File attachments would be a great feature for not only support calls, but computers, software, and peripherals as well.

      I've always dreamed of being able to upload drivers and setup programs (for free software at least).

      I'm always looking for someone to financially back OpenIT development.  I get to work on it now & then for my job, but a little bit of funding would get a lot accomplished.

      File attachments are definitely on the TODO list, and feel free to hop onto the developer's mailing list to submit any patches you might come up with!

      (And thanks for the compliment dowdy, I'm glad you're finding it useful.)


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