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Linux IPMI driver release available for 2.6.23

This release contains various bug fixes and cleanups. The only new feature is adding 0.9 support.

A major rework has been done to the SMBus (SSIF) driver. It is now quite stable and works well. A significant change is philosophy was made to the driver to improve stability, and it shouldn't have the problems with timeouts that plagued the previous driver versions. As well, the I801 I2C driver added full block transfer support; this has sped up the interface by a factor of three.... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2007-10-15

IPMI driver updates for 2.6.21 released

A long-overdue update of the IPMI driver is up on sourceforge
( Not much has changed in the base
driver. This has minor bug fixes to the base IPMI driver,
updates for the i2c code and the IPMI over serial code.

8 files are associated with this release:
* linux-ipmi-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Updates to the base IPMI
* linux-i2c-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Changes to the I2C driver
to support the IPMI SMBus driver
* linux-i2c-i801-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Support for the I801
I2C driver for the IPMI SMBus driver
* linux-i2c-piix4-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Support for the PIIX4
I2C driver for the IPMI SMBus driver
* linux-ipmismb-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Support IPMI over
* linux-ipmiserial-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Changes to the serial
code and the 8250 driver for supporting IPMI over serial.
Note that this has changed significantly from previous
* linux-serial-2.6.21-v39.1.diff - Support for IPMI over
* ipmi-2.6.21-v39.1-patches.tar.gz - The full patch set,
broken out into individual patches in quilt fashion.... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2007-06-04

OpenIPMI 2.0.8 released

The testers at SuSE uncovered a nasty bug in the GUI. It worked fine on some systems, but on systems with unthreaded TCL and threaded python, it will lock up due to wierdness in the Python/Tk thread handling. This release fixes that problem and some other minor problems. Thanks especialy to Coly Li at SuSE for helping with this.

Other bugs are fixed, too, see the Changlog

You should probably upgrade if you can.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2006-09-22

Two new releases of OpenIPMI library available

OpenIPMI 2.0.6 is released and the 2.0 series is now stable. A new 1.4.26 version is available, too. These releases fix a lot of various bugs. If you use OpenIPMI, you should definately upgrade to one of these. If you use IPMI, you should look at using OpenIPMI.

These releases mark the move of 1.4 to just maintenance (no new features). All new work will be in the 2.0 series now.

Posted by Corey Minyard 2006-03-02

OpenIPMI 2.0.4 released, mostly functional GUI is available

This is a major milestone in the 2.0 release of OpenIPMI. The GUI is for the most part done and it's getting close to time to make 2.0 the stable version of OpenIPMI.

OpenIPMI is a library to make access to IPMI system simpler. IPMI is a standard for hardware monitoring and management; it is generally use to provide access to information about sensors (temperature, voltage, etc.) and to provide remote reset and power control capabilities.... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2006-01-16

Test suite reach 1.0

It is not only a set of test suite, but also a good sample to use OpenIPMI library. Welcome your comments

Posted by wang, jing 2005-12-02

The OpenIPMI test suite 0.9 is coming

The current test suite include generic platform test cases and specific platform test cases. Welcome all of you contribute your test cases for your specifc platform

Posted by wang, jing 2005-07-21

New experimental IPMI 2.0 release of OpenIPMI is ready

This is a start of a new series of OpenIPMI, with support for IPMI 2.0 features. This is still experimental, but should be fairly stable for most users.

This has the following new features:

* RMCP+ support
* Support for the new IPMI 2.0 LAN parameters
* Support for custom RMCP+ protocol plugins
* Socket reuse. A single UDP socket is used for multiple connections. This should improve scalability by more than an order of magnitude.
* Statistics. Currently statistics are kept on LAN connections and SEL handling. More statistics can easily be added, feel free to send patches!... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2005-03-30

OpenIPMI 1.4.7 released

A new 1.4 release of OpenIPMI is up and available. This one finishes out the Perl interface (all normal public interfaces should be available) add the ability to write FRU data, and a start at test scripts (in Perl). There are also a lot of little fixes. If you are using 1.4, you should upgrade.

Now, on to RMCP+...

Posted by Corey Minyard 2005-01-04

New OpenIPMI 1.4 release available

This is the first "release" quality version of OpenIPMI 1.4. This release contains the following changes from OpenIPMI 1.3:

* A rework of the locking in OpenIPMI. Locks are no longer held when user callbacks are called (except in some specific cases to preserve order). Instead, a refcount mechanism is used to know if the object is in use.

* A newly written document on OpenIPMI and IPMI is included to replace the old document. It is hopefully much easier to understand and follow and contains more general IPMI information. It is not complete, but with this document you shouldn't have to reference the IPMI spec any more when using OpenIPMI.... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2004-11-08

New releases of OpenIPMI libraries

Two new releases of the OpenIPMI library are available. A maintenance release of the stable branch is out; it fixes a lot of little things. If you are using the stable release, you should upgrade.

A new experimental release is on the server, too. This has been much more thoroughly tested than the last release, I consider this release beta quality. This is where OpenIPMI is going, so you might want to consider downloading this and trying it out. It is fully backwards compatible with the 1.3 release on the API interface (although some things have been deprecated and replaced with more sensible functions). There is one semantic thing that is not backwards compatible: locks are no longer held in callbacks (that's the big change between 1.3 and 1.4).... read more

Posted by Corey Minyard 2004-09-02