#5 Linux Needed Fixups


A quick pass through identified the following issues:

Filenames must use "/" as a seperator as defined by
ansi C and not Microsofts "\". For example in GlOgl.h
it should be:

#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glu.h>

Please can all uses of directory seperator be fixed?

Linux is case senstive for files. On checkout of CVS
files are:

FormatConversion.cpp GLutil.cpp grguDepth.cpp
grguMisc.cpp OGLFogTables.cpp
GLExtensions.cpp grgu3df.cpp grguDraw.cpp
grguSstGlide.cpp OGLMiscTables.cpp TexDB.cpp
Glide.cpp grguBuffer.cpp grguFog.cpp
grguTex.cpp OGLTextureTables.cpp
GLRender.cpp grguColorAlpha.cpp grguLfb.cpp
OGLColorAlphaTables.cpp PGTexture.cpp

amd3dx.h Glextensions.h GLRender.h
PGUTexture.h sdk2_glide.h sdk2_sst1vid.h
glext.h OGLTables.h resource.h
sdk2_glidesys.h TexDB.h
FormatConversion.h GlOgl.h PGTexture.h
sdk2_3dfx.h sdk2_glideutl.h

For example FormatterConversion.h needs fixing the
#include "glogl.h".

#include <windows.h> is included everywhere. I'll help
to remove this for Linux but can initially the types be
fixed up first. I presume the Windows DWORD, WORD,
BYTE, UINT and BOOL are used to export legal datatypes
through the standard calls, although am a little
confused why additional calls are provided above those
a program will use on glide (debugging?). If there not
used for that reason could you switch to using Ansi C99
types e.g. bool, uint8_t, etc.

I'll help to provide an alternative to HWND, ini stuff
and see what I can do about supporting the assembly
under gcc (not too familiar with assembly).


  • Simon White

    Simon White - 2005-10-25
    • status: open --> closed
  • Simon White

    Simon White - 2005-10-25

    Logged In: YES

    Fixed CVS


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