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OpenGEM Release 4

OpenGEM Release 4 is now online. There are three versions: Core, Complete and Experimental. OpenGEM Core is a tiny GUI package built to replace GEMini. It's like a VIEWMAX. Complete is the full GEM GUI and application package to replace OpenGEM 3. Experimental is the same as Core, but uses more of the FreeGEM code instead of DR GEM code.

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2005-07-30

OpenGEM SDK Release 1

The OpenGEM SDK is online with GEM source code, binaries and documentation. It also includes language bindings, and some compilers to help you develop OpenGEM.

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2005-07-30

OpenGEM source (a plan)

At the moment the source code used in OpenGEM is available on and I'm hoping to transition all of the sources to SOURCEFORGE over the coming weeks. The first phase of this will be the desktop, AES and VDI sources...more news on that shortly...

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2004-08-02

OpenGEM Release 3 coming soon

Dear everyone,

As you may (or may not know) I am leaving the UK to live in Japan shortly.
This is a rather big adventure for me, and will entail many changes in my
life. Because of this, after I released a new version of GEMini in May, I
announced the end of my software days. I cheerfully said that OpenGEM and
GEMini were coming to the end of their evolution, though I would continue to
support people using the software as best I could.... read more

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2004-08-02

OpenGEM 2.2.0 online now

OpenGEM 2.2.0 is now available for free download. It is released under the GNU GPL License, and is intended to provide a simple to use yet powerful GUI and application set for all versions of DOS.

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2004-08-02

OpenGEM 2.2.0 out soon

OpenGEM 2.2.0 will be released on the 12th of September 2003, and will correct issues identified in OpenGEM 2.1.0. The new release of OpenGEM will also include a modified setup system.

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2003-09-10

OpenGEM 2.1.0 available for download

OpenGEM 2.1.0 (binary) is available for download from We'll be adding the source code downloads for this distribution to the project over the coming months. For more information email

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2003-09-10

OpenGEM opens on

As part of Shane Land's commitment to the development of OpenGEM, a free 16bit DOS GUI, we're opening up a site on sourceforge. Over the next few months we hope to be able to offer all the binary and source code bits for DR GEM, FreeGEM and (of course) the OpenGEM FreeGEM distribution itself. This will help lead us into the next release of our GUI (2.2.0), increase the support available to new users, provide a development enviroment, and lay the foundation for making the third generation of OpenGEM. OpenGEM 3.0 will be released late this year or early next year, and will be a combined FreeDOS/FreeGEM OS solution for older machines.

Posted by Shane Coughlan 2003-08-29

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