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Broken Alliance

The development of our very first game using OpenFrag, is well on its way. An exact release date has not yet been set.

Posted by Levia 2007-01-16

OpenCDS 0.1

Not only OpenFRAG Core 0.1 is going to be released, we also expect OpenCDS 0.1 to be released within a short time.

OpenCDS is an open Content Delivery System that will aid us in providing you with the latest demos.

Posted by Levia 2006-10-01

OpenFRAG Core 0.1

Our first release of OpenFRAG Core 0.1 will be soon. It will mainly be a code-release. We are at a point where most of the current code works, and new additions will take a huge amount of work. We want to add these new things to release 0.2.

Posted by Levia 2006-10-01

Upgrade complete!

The upgrade has been completed, the new needed files can be retrieved from the Files section. You can get the code from SVN.

Posted by Levia 2006-08-23


We are currently working hard to get some new stuff in. Yake 0.5 RC1 and CEGUI 0.5.0 RC2 are introducing itself in OpenFrag. We are still fixing the small issues that we stumbled upon.

Posted by Levia 2006-08-19

Settings menu

The settings menu is well on its way now that settings keybinds is done. This screen can load profiles containing keybinds, in order to have different keybinds per plugin/map or whatever. For more information please refer to

Posted by Levia 2006-08-15

Networking component

After a while of no news items, we have still been very active behind the schemes.
The Networking component is far on its way to become a fully working, and customizable component. Please refer to the wiki pages for more information about this component.

Posted by Levia 2006-08-15

BitVapour is now just openfrag vapour

The prefix Bit was removed, because it gave some assosiations with bittorrent. Although vapour supports bittorrent protocol, we wished to remove the prefix.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-05-30

BitVapour Screens

Ok ... in the lack of visible development .. there where released couple of shots of upcoming opensource Content Delivery System ... based on wxWidgets for crossplatform compatibility.
You can view the screenshots here:

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-15

Changed our categorization a lil bit

As you see i've changed/updated our categorization a little bit, to show what we're intending to achieve.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-12

We're alive

Our project has stalled for a while, because we were focusing our efforts into making a Grand Project Design Document. This document is going to help us speed up the process a lot.

So keep an eye for us, we have some eye candy for yall.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-12-25

openFRAG techdemo v7 alpha5

Ok this one is a new one, has post FX support and, other stuff... check it out, needs min ps2.0, but can be disabled with disable20 command in console.

Posted by Anonymous 2005-08-14

openFRAG techdemo 7 alpha3 released

This is our first alpha version of the upcoming TD7, which is going to feature, a full blown movie-like weather system, with all special FX, a sample map and networking system, so you and your friends can have fun slauthering each other to death...

Posted by Anonymous 2005-08-03