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0.8.2 installable release

is ready for be download

Posted by giancarlo 2009-11-19

Special thanks to Vittorio Pavesi

Special thanks to Vittorio Pavesi, he' s helping for build he installation package that will be soon ready!

Posted by giancarlo 2009-11-11

Move to SharpDevelop

the porting from MonoDevelop and its Mono/GTK to SharpDevelop .NET/Winforms is today complete with the Beta2

Posted by giancarlo 2009-05-24

new web site

new web site translated in english, chinese and italian

Posted by giancarlo 2009-05-13

21-04-2009 Ready the new version

the code of OpenFIrewall was full re-write
from java to C#
form Swing to GTK+
from JavaVM to Mono

always two firewall inside and this time is also possible to disable one or both ( very important for the testing or for emergency reasons... )

soon the installation package

( Windows Vista for now is not compatible )

Posted by giancarlo 2009-04-21

GNU GPL v3 license

the openfirewall project will upgrade to the GPL 3 in the next relase ( RC2 )

Posted by giancarlo 2007-07-08

new new site is on-line now !

hello, today i finish the new website
it is multilinguage ( i have only to transalte some txt file )

Posted by giancarlo 2007-07-07

RC1 out

-new gui for not expert user for manage the new connections

Posted by giancarlo 2007-07-04

RC1 soon

02-07-2007 i think that will be ready the RC1

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-30

WIPFW inside in RC1

times anticipate for the introduction of WIPFW as kernel-protectin !
the fisrt version of OpenFirewall that will work with it is the RC1 or CVS over the BETA 2

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-26

BETA 2 -> today

i' m late of one day,

in the BETA 2 the news are:
-fix some in the language
-new intelligent ask to the user ( not 100 times the same question to the user... )
-fix on remove button on Add/Edit application
-fix on Compiletdifw for user rules

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-25

help wanted on NSIS

for BETA 2 i need of a NSIS expert for a install script, please contact me on or on the forum

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-23

BETA 1 ready now

i' m a little bit late on the roadmap,
but now it is ready

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-23

do you want to help this project?

if you know NSIS for build an install script or if you are a java expert or if have better ideas for the graphics write in the forum or contatct me by e-mail

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-20

today i think to upload the BETA 1

in this relase, i want to fix the most big problem: the compileTDIFW;
just fix in the ALPHA 0.2.x but with a change on ALPHA 0.3.x on ConfFile class the problem retrun...

also i have to fix the jFrame for edit the rules,
in this way i want to get all addRule/EditRule engine in one class...

with BETA 1, i hope to relase a project that can work without errors...

anyway write in the forum if you have found problems...

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-20

today will be relased ALPHA 0.3, now is usable !

the tdifw-compiler now work well, is possible to start to use this as personal firewall

the next relase is the BETA 1, the date is the 20/06/2007 but i hope to relase too soon, mybe this evening or tomorrow

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-18

directly to the ALPHA 0.2 without the ALPHA 0.2

the ALPHA 0.2 public relase was undo,
will be directly relased the APLHA 0.3 because was resolved a big problem that was write for ALPHA 0.3
for the 18/06/2007

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-17

today new ALPHA 0.2 relase

-add the possibiliti from Configuration windows to add or edit application rule

-there is the possibility to change the roadmap ( ) for add now the wipfw, because with only the tdifw, the not used ports are not stealthed

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-17

New ALPHA realse 0.1.2 this evening

-tray icon working
-memory of last application that try to access to the net

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-15

New WebSite in the SourceForge space

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-15

Road Map for first Relase

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-14

ALPHA 0.1 note

this version is only for see the project
a version full working will be the first BETA version

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-14


Add TrayIcon ( for next ALPHA relase )

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-14

how install ALPHA 0.1


1) For test it you need to download the zip file and extrat it where you want
(i think that C:\WINNT\Programs Files\OpenFirewall can be a good )

2) If you don' t have installed tdifw-1.4.4, do it... in the OpenFirewall folder there is
(for Windows 2000/XP ) tdifw-1.4.4\install.bat or if you have WindowsNT tdifw-1.4.4/installNT.bat

3) If you don' t have NetBeans 5.5 and JDK 1.6u1 or better, download it and install it
( ) ... read more

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-14

ALPHA ready

Some screenshot is up now

the beta version will be ready for the weekend

Posted by giancarlo 2007-06-14

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