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Openfiler 2.3 VMware Images Added

Openfiler respin VMware images are now available.


Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2009-02-03

Openfiler 2.3 Respin ISOs Available

Openfiler 2.3 Respin ISO images are now available.


Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2009-02-03

Openfiler 2.1 x86 (Final) released.

Openfiler 2.1 x86 Final is now available. This release fixes all reported bugs from the Beta1 and Beta2 releases of the 2.1 series. Thank you to everyone that helped with bug hunting, testing, and code contribution.

Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2006-10-02

Openfiler 2.1 Beta 2 Available

New release addresses bugs from 2.1 Beta 1 - features include iSCSI CHAP authentication, XFS and reiserfs support with online volume resizing and a few other tweaks.

Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2006-09-22

Openfiler User Community Support Forum

A new project-hosted support forum has been launched for Openfiler.

You can find the forum here:

A quick 20 second registration is required in order to be able to post to the forums. Register for access at the following URL:

A FAQ on usage of the forum resources can be found here: read more

Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2006-06-16

Ultimate Virtual Appliance

Openfiler has joined VMware's Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge.

You can download the image from the VMware website here:

Tell everyone how much you love Openfiler by commenting on it here:

Also don't forget to vote!!

Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2006-06-13

Openfiler 2.0 Beta 2 Released

The second and final beta of Openfiler 2.0 has been released. With this release we have also put up a VMWare virtual machine image for users who don't want to install Openfiler on bare-metal.

Beta 2 fixes bugs found in the Beta 1 release and adds new packages to the distribution. The installation and upgrade sequence have also been streamlined for simplicity.

Openfiler 2.0 adds a whole bunch of new features including iSCSI target support, support for greater than 2TB block devices, software RAID management and online filesystem resizing.

Posted by Rafiu Fakunle 2006-05-31