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OpenDCL 8.04 Released

This minor update includes newer GstarCAD 2016 modules built with SDK files for the shipping version of GstarCAD 2016.

Posted by Owen Wengerd 2016-01-20

OpenDCL 4.1 Development Begins

The first alpha release of OpenDCl 4.1 is now available. Alpha builds are for development and testing only; for production use you should continue to use OpenDCL 4.0.

Posted by Owen Wengerd 2007-08-05

OpenDCL 4.0 Released

This is the first official "stable" release of OpenDCL. OpenDCL 4.0 is a culmination of over 25 alpha, beta, and release candidate builds that have been tested by over a hundred people. Well over 300 bugs have been reported and fixed during that time.

Posted by Owen Wengerd 2007-07-30

OpenDCL Web Site Goes Live

Visit for news and discussions about OpenDCL. Continue to post bug reports and feature requests here.

Posted by Owen Wengerd 2007-07-10

OpenDCL: New Name, New Home

In order to accomodate project administration needs here on SourceForge, we've moved! Welcome to OpenDCL, the new home for ObjectDCL. - ORW

Posted by Owen Wengerd 2007-01-31