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Reviving opendchub with a new release and svn

Since I found that it was a dead project I have taken up to the development of opendchub. Suggestions and bugs can be directly mailed to

BTW there is a new release 0.7.16 to for opendchub.
Subversion is set up now so use it instead of cvs. CVS is not disabled but it is not possible to manage both. New codes will up uploaded to SVN only.

I plan to release rpm and deb soon.

Posted by Roshan Singh 2009-05-20

0.8.0 Development Started.

Yes you read correctly :)
There will still be quite a while before release but I thought I would let you all know the project is in no way dead!
My current to-do list has over 30 things at the moment and is likely to grow very quickly :)

Posted by Geoff 2006-01-23


Guess what, the project isn't dead and neither am I. I haven't worked with it for a long time though. The new version contains two patches which have been available for a while in the patches section. It also contains a change by me that possibly can solve some problems. It would be interesting to know how stable this version is. I'm not running a hub myself, so feedback is very useful, as always.

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2003-11-06


So, 0.7.9 is finally finished. I apologize for the time it took, a big reason for that is that some of the bugs were really hard to find. It would be nice with some feedback about what bugs are still there since I can't be exactly sure about what problems are solved.

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2003-04-14


In this version, the users are represented by their nickname instead of their shared memory segment. This means that the function odch::get_nickname() becomes meaningless, which is why it's removed. So, scripts that contain the odch::get_nickname() need to be changed.
Also, the passwords in the reglist are now stored in encrypted form, so old reglists won't work without manually removing entries and adding them again.

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2003-02-03


So, scripting support is finally implemented. I haven't had time to test this version that much, especially not the scripting part, so please report the bugs as soon as you find them.
Also, I realize it can be a problem to get it to compile with the Perl support on many platforms. It does compile on Redhat 7.3 with Perl 5.6.1 and on SunOS using Perl 5.8.0. I haven't had opportunity to test it on more platforms, so please tell me if you need to make changes to get it to compile.

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2002-12-10


I have gotten many questions lately about if and when scripting support will be added. I haven't had much time to work with the hub during the summer for various reasons, but I will probably start working with the scripting in a month or so. And as said before, the scripting language will almost certainly be Perl.

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2002-08-08

Version 0.6.6

The hub should be stable and run smoothly now according to the reports I've gotten. A big thanks to Per Peman for doing some serious testing and reporting bugs to me.
Coming up next is some new features. Hopefully, I will be able to add scripting support pretty soon.

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2002-06-03

Version 0.6.0

It's been over three months since the last release, I haven't been able to work very much with the hub lately. This version is far from stable, and I will mostly concentrate on fixing bugs for now. I'd really like to thank the ones who has been reporting bugs and sending me suggestions, keep them coming!

Posted by Jonatan Nilsson 2002-05-07