Template Parser In ResearchCyc With Java API

  • schreiter

    schreiter - 2006-10-09

    I'm a bit new to the Java API and ResearchCyc.  I've got the Java API running ok and I am able to run all the demos.  One of the features in the ResearchCyc that I'm interested in interfacing is the integrated parser tools.  Does anyone have a short bit of code that demos something simple such as the example: (parse-a-question-completely "What countries border on Turkmenistan?" #$RKFParsingMt '(:wff-check? t))

    I can get this working in the SubL Interactor as well as the standard Windows command prompt after running the run-cyc.bat file.  I thought the method askNewCycQuery might allow the query above created from the method makeCycList, but it only returns errors.  I saw a similar question on these forums from earlier, but it doesn't appear the question was ever answered publicly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Jeff Zhuk

      Jeff Zhuk - 2006-10-21


      Unfortunately, I cannot help you here but I'd highly appreciate if you let us know on your progress with RCyc and NL.

      Did you look into Cypher?
      I wander if this can serve as a shortcut to NL parsing.

      Thank you,

      Jeff Zhuk

    • schreiter

      schreiter - 2006-11-12

      After searching the javadocs, it appears as the defaultsublworkersynch class can handle just about anything that isn't directly supported via the api.  I'm sure regular users of the system know this, but this may be helpful for some that are new to the interface. 

      Below is an example that could be run from the demo api:

      String mysent = "(parse-a-sentence-completely \"Phosgene is soluble in acetic acid.\" #$RKFParsingMt)";
      SubLWorkerSynch worker = new DefaultSubLWorkerSynch(mysent, cycAccess);
      Object work = worker.getWork();
      System.out.println("Got worker: " + worker + "\nGot result: " + work + ".");

      As for Cypher - this tools looks promising, but doesn't directly support any cyc interfaces.  The author does have a blog stating:

      "A couple of years back, I wrote a Cyc microtheory transcoder as a sort of toy application for Cypher. The system translated natural language descriptions, phrases and questions into microtheories in CycL and queries"


      This may be something that could be integrated, but right now I think there exists fairly good integration with the LINK parser or the CMU parser.



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