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libica version 2.5.0 released

Libica v2.5.0 contains new support for AES-GCM streaming mode, extended support for RSA key generation and RSA CRT key check/conversion.

Posted by Ingo Tuchscherer 2015-11-12

libica version 2.2.0 released

Libica v2.2.0 contains new support for CMAC (DES, TDES), CBC-CS (DES, TDES, AES), CCM (AES), and GCM (AES). It also supports CMAC chaining for all ciphers.

Posted by Anonymous 2012-07-17

libica Programmer's Reference released!

A new libica Programmer's Reference for version 2.1.0 has been released.

See "Linux on System z documentation for 'Development stream'", section "Reference documentation":

Posted by Anonymous 2011-10-27

opencryptoki version 2.4 released

Opencryptoki version 2.4 contains support for Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and AES Counter mode (AES-CTR). Much cleanup and bugfixes have been done; object and session handling are now done via binary trees and debug messages logged to a file identified by user.

Posted by Joy Latten 2011-05-18

new libica version: 2.1.0

This new version brings new support for cipher modes like CFB, OFB, CTR and XTS as well as support for authentication like CMAC.

Posted by Anonymous 2011-05-12

New opencryptoki release: 2.3.2

This new opencryptoki version brings a lot of clean-ups, specially in terms of building and packaging.
It also has a number of fixes and improved performance in session/object handle look-up (which happens essentially upon every call).

Posted by Klaus Heinrich Kiwi 2010-07-29

openCryptoki 2.2.5 released

The latest version of openCryptoki, 2.2.5 is now available for download.

2.2.5 fixes a number of issues, please see the top level ChangeLog file for details.


Posted by Kent Yoder 2008-01-07

openCryptoki released

This version of openCryptoki fixes a few bugs, as well as updates the TPM token for use with trousers 0.2.9.

Posted by Kent Yoder 2007-02-05

openssl-ibmca 1.0.0 released

Release of version 1.0.0, with fixes to the modular exponentiation code.

Posted by Michael Halcrow 2007-01-23

libica-1.3.8 released

libica-1.3.8 released

Posted by Dan Jones 2006-10-26

libica-1.3.7 released

This release is predominately a cleanup of the build environment removing nonessential files and providing a usable file.

Posted by Dan Jones 2006-05-05

opencryptoki 2.2.4 released

opencryptoki 2.2.4 released

Posted by Dan Jones 2006-04-17

opencryptoki 2.2.3 released

Release includes compiler warning cleanup and minor bug fixes.

Posted by Dan Jones 2006-04-05

openCryptoki 2.2.2 released

openCryptoki 2.2.2 released

Posted by Michael Halcrow 2006-01-26

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