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OpenCDN edge surrogate determination by a latency measure

Release 0.7.6 ( of OpenCDN supports a method for determination of the LastHop node which is nearest to the client, based on an objective latency measure. This allows an effective use of "Global LastHop" nodes, i.e. lastHop nodes which advertise a Footprint with global coverage (see README.routing, point 6).

Earlier OpenCDN releases, only tackled the LastHop selection by using static configuration of Footprints, whose feasibility is questionable for global nodes... read more

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2006-04-24

OpenCDN supports Windows Media delivery via Helix US

OpenCDN Release 0.7.3 can deliver Windows Media encoded content, transported by an Helix Universal Server. Other Helix Adaptation Layer enhancements include allowance for DNS names in URLs, and configuration of an unique ListenPort for all kinds of live streams (Real, QT, 3GPP, WM).

Documentation have been updated for reflecting this changes, as well code maintenance have bug-fixed mistakes about Origin configuration, Node shutdown, and relay removal.... read more

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2005-09-29

Multiple servers hosting

OpenCDN release 0.7.2 features multiple streaming server technologies hosted on the same node, i.e. you can board both an Apple Darwin and a Real Helix streaming server, on the same machine. This has been made possible, by means of the interposition of a Convergence Layer in between the OpenCDN control logic, and the Adaptation Layers which actually interfaces to the streaming servers technologies which runs on-board.... read more

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2005-06-05

OpenCDN speedups

OpenCDN concerns the development of an application-level Content Delivery Network, suitable for replication and splitting of live and recorded multimedia content.

Release 0.7.1 features a speedup of the probing mechanism, some timeout shortening, robustness improvements on Nodes and Origins, and some bug fixed.

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2005-03-14

OpenCDN major release 0.7 introduces authentication

Exisiting OpenCDN scalable streaming architecture entities
are required to upgrade to version 0.7, as it introduces some
twittering new features:

* Inter-Entity Authentication by a shared secret
* RTSP authentication support
* Program pre- and post-requisite CGI invocation
* Timestamps displayed for Registration and Surrogates data
* Cleaner logs
* Concurrent Teardowns

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2005-01-27

Release 0.6.8 Xmas edition

Hi to all, merry Christmas, happy new year!!!

The latest release of OpenCDN features the following notes:

- logs can be directed to syslog, making possible to develop a centralized logging mechanism
- a better documentation is provided, including something about the distribution routing philosophy
- better Helix support, with configurable content caching authentication
- web publication of the Node's character
- bugfixes and improvements to RRDM, Install script and result page.... read more

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2004-12-20

Helix supported in OpenCDN 0.6.7

This release begins to support Helix Universal Server usage, thanks to the work of Marco Volpino. Also, some configuration checks have been added. Finally, self-loop detection is now performed inside of CommLib, thus preserving specificness priority

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2004-11-26

OpenCDN 0.6.6 released

This OpenCDN release changes the routing algorithm, making it more distributed, and fixes some bugs.
RRDM no more performs loop avoidance, i.e. in SetUp, it no more removes all the TR which are more specific than TR nodes which happens to be also LastHop. Instead, loop avoidance is performed by nodes themselves. In fact, when a lazy TR Node forwards the DoRelay to another TR:
- checks that a LH, with a FP which is more specific than
the FP of the next hop TR, do exist; if not, TR node
becomes labour, and forwards the DoRelay directly to LH
- if next hop still is a TR, the forwarded LH list is pruned as
well, by retaining only LH nodes whose FootPrint is more
specific than the next hop TR one

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2004-11-08

OpenCDN 0.6.5 released

It fixes some problems introduced on routing by some of the last improvements. Also, it fixes a bug in "more specific LastHop determination" which was there from the beginning.

Posted by Alessandro Falaschi 2004-10-28

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