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OpenAMF 1.0RC12

OpenAMF 1.0RC12 is now available at

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2006-04-06

OpenAMF 1.0RC11 released

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2005-02-21

OpenAMF 1.0RC10 released

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2004-10-31

OpenAMF 1.0RC9 released

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2004-09-18

OpenAMF 1.0RC8 Released

In prior releases, the JavaServiceInvoker always
added Java objects into the servlet session.
Starting with OpenAMF 1.0RC8, Java objects will
be added to the servlet session if and only if the
object implements

Improved exception code in org.openamf.invoker.RankedMethod

Improved exception handling in org.openamf.DefaultGateway

Improved logic in org.openamf.invoker.SessionControlInvoker... read more

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2004-08-21

OpenAMF 1.0RC7 Released

OpenAMF 1.0RC7 is now available for download

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2004-07-09

OpenAMF 1.0RC6 Released

OpenAMF 1.0RC6 is now available for download

Posted by Sean Sullivan 2004-06-12

OpenAMF 1.0RC5 Released

I just released 1.0RC5.

RC5 Contains:
- cleanup of ASTranslator integration
- memory leak fix
- fix for char data type

I hope this is the last RC before 1.0. Currently the plan is to release 1.0
sometime next week.

Posted by Jason Calabrese 2004-01-16

OpenAMF 1.0RC3 Released

RC3 contains:
- improved logging
- improved exception handling
- up-to-date versions of dependencies
- lots of other small fixes and some code clean up


In order to improve logging 2 new loggers were created org.openamf.REQUEST and
org.openamf.RESPONSE. These are both "virtual" loggers and don't represent a
particular class, but instead log the parsed AMF requests and responses. They
can both be watched at the DEBUG and INFO levels.

Posted by Jason Calabrese 2003-12-02

OpenAMF 1.0RC2 Released

The main changes since RC1 are:
1) support for JDK 1.3, OpenAMF now depends on Apache's commons-lang jar
2) javadocs are now in the distribution
3) License changed to LGPL
3) Fixed bug with null Array values

Thanks to everyone that helped out with this release. I think were getting
very close to 1.0 final.

Let me know if you have any problems.


Posted by Jason Calabrese 2003-08-11

1.0RC1 Released

1) Fixed major bug with Arrays that are indexed with Strings

Flash sends 2 different datatypes for Arrays, 10 when the indexes are
numbers, and 8 when the indexes are Strings.

To get type 8 to work correctly I just had to read the length and then read
the rest of the data like a normal object.

2) Added a Flash Custom Class to Java Class Mapping

With this new feature you can map a custom class to
a java class in then openamf-config.xml file. This way when
you use Object.registerClass use can use a simple name
such as Person and then have it translated to a specific java
class such as org.openamf.test.Person.... read more

Posted by Jason Calabrese 2003-07-29

New Release - OpenAMF 0.2.5

New features:
1) Full Web Service support
2) Initial integration with ASTranslator
3) Completely Plugable Service Invokers
4) Result Filters
5) bug fixes

For more information please take a look at the README file in the distribution.


The OpenAMF team

Posted by Jason Calabrese 2003-05-02

New Release - OpenAMF 0.2.0

The OpenAMF project is happy to announce the release of 0.2.0.

OpenAMF - Java Flash Remoting is a free open-source alternative to
MM's Java Flash Remoting. The end result will be more capable of
providing application services to SWF clients than the proprietary
MM solution.

This release includes a lot of new features:
- RecordSet support for every database with a JDBC driver
- EJB Stateless Session Bean support
- JMX Service support
- Web Service support for simple data types
- Pluggable Service Invoker framework
- AdvancedGateway that can be configured with an xml config file
- A few more example flash clients
- Logging with Apache's commons logger
- All errors are now sent back in a NetDebugger compliant format so
you can see everything right from the Flash authoring environment
- A new OpenAMF powered website
- and lots of other fixes and improvements... read more

Posted by Jason Calabrese 2003-04-28

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