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  • bogdan

    bogdan - 2004-11-29

    i have to say that i'm a newaby in delphi, and i found out about you library.
    i have some question:
      do you think that it would be usefull introduction of a new method for connection object, that have to retrive next value for a sequence?
    ex: for postgres
        SELECT NEXTVAL('%s');
    where s is the name of the sequence

    maybe a function that return last insert id it would be great.
    or maybe is other aproach that i'm missing.


    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

      This expression is dependent from type DBMS. Others DBMS can have other syntax or absolutely other approach for work with sequences.

    • bogdan

      bogdan - 2004-11-30

      i'm sure of that.
      but when i'm connecting to informix for example 'application' load informix odbc driver. so basicly i know what DBMS is behind. it's tru that approach are diffrent, but i think that in this way application may become DBMS independent. this way dbxodbc will act as a database abstraction layer.
      or maybe i'm wrong.
      i've come from php, i there was something like adodb and peardb library.
      maybe is other approach.


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