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Add in a line of connection a flag: "coFldReadOnly=0".

database = ' DSN=MyDsn; coFldReadOnly=0 '

We receive the information on availability of a field through a
call odbcapi functions SQLColAttributeInt:

file: DbxOpenOdbc.pas
function TSqlCursorOdbc.isReadOnly (ColumnNumber: Word;
OdbcRetcode: = SQLColAttributeInt (fHStmt,
aOdbcBindCol.fOdbcColNo, SQL_DESC_UPDATABLE,

Why that in the majority of realizations it works incorrectly.
Assignment to a flag coFldReadOnly values "0" will allow to
see all fields accessible on editing.

You are probably right and it is really necessary to alter
assignment of attribute ReadOnly only for AutoInc fields. I
shall try it to make in the following version.