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Development Slow Down

I will be moving and starting my first semester of graduate school soon, and as such development is going to slow down significantly as I doubt I will have a lot of free time until I manage to develop a new routine.

Posted by Owen 2010-08-04

Onyx Framework 1.0 Final Released!

The first release of the Onyx Framework is now available. This contains the Onyx.System package and other packages will be included in later releases as they are ready.

There have been many, many changes in the Onyx.System code and it is much more useful, powerful, flexible, and stable than it previously was.

More documentation and tutorials are also forthcoming.

Posted by Owen 2010-07-29

Onyx Framework 1.0 Final Almost Ready

The 1.0 Final release of the Onyx Framework is almost ready. This will mark the completing of the Onyx.System package. Interface breaking changes should not be very frequent in that package after this. Other packages will be released as they are ready.

Posted by Owen 2010-07-27

Onyx.System 1.0 Released

The Onyx.System package 1.0 has been released. It should remain stable for now.

Future releases will be named as Onyx Framework, since future releases will contain more than one package.

Posted by Owen 2010-03-04

Beta 1 of Onyx.System Released!

The first beta of Onyx.System is now out!
It is only a source release for now, but a binary release will be made once things settle a bit.

Posted by Owen 2010-02-20

Preparing For Release

I am content with the current state of the Onyx.System package and will be making a release shortly. I have tested it using the examples, but bugs are bound to show up, so if anyone happens to stumble across any, please let me know via the tracker.

Posted by Owen 2010-02-06

Not abandoned, just busy.

I have not abandoned this project, I am just extremely busy with school. Expect progress to pick back up when the Christmas season starts.

Posted by Owen 2009-10-13