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Improved OneCMDB available!

OneCMDB Version 2.0.1 is now available for download. Around twenty bugs that was reported in version 2.0.0 is fixed in version 2.0.1. It is now for example possible to delete attributes. There is also a new way to enter values for complex attributes; instances are selected from a grid where also adding new instances are supported.

The new release has improved MDR (Management Data Repository) performance, i.e. it imports and stores external data faster. A function that locks the OneDMDB Desktop after a pre-defined time limit is introduced. The Desktop is unlocked by entering the user´s password. The integration with Nagios is also improved. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2009-09-02

Next step for OneCMDB

We would like your guidance regarding the development direction for OneCMDB.

We want to focus our resources where it makes most sense for the users of OneCMDB and we therefore appreciate if you can help us by filling out our questionnaire.

You find the questionnaire at

Please note that we ask you to suggest priorities for a number of different development areas, but you can also add textual remarks, and such qualitative comments are highly appreciated by us! It is up to you if you like to be anonymous or not. If you enter your e-mail address you give us the possibility to give you feedback and perhaps more detailed questions about something you have written.... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2009-07-02

New OneCMDB version released

Version 2.0.0 is now ready and succeeds version 2.0.0Beta. All reported bugs in OneCMDB V2.0.0Beta have been corrected and some new features have been added.

The new version is available for download at Sourceforge.

Work has already started on the next version of OneCMDB and we welcome more input from users about what to prioritize, new features, integration with other systems etc.

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2009-06-08

Nominate OneCMDB!

If you like OneCMDB, please take the opportunity and nominate the project for the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2009.

Use the following link and submit the nomination form, it only takes a few seconds.

Category "Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins may be a suitable category to select.... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2009-05-24

OneCMDB Version 2 is available!

Version 2.0 of OneCMDB is now available for download. It is released as beta version and we aim to proceed with a production version in the very near future. The goal with the development of this version has been to improve the back-end CMDB engine in several areas and to design a new Graphical User Interface that is easy to use and customize and also suitable for a multi-user environment. We think we have achieved all this, and a lot more!... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2009-02-06

OneCMDB V2 release info

OneCMDB Version 2 is now being tested and packaged for a public release. We have received very good feedback from the beta testers but we were also made aware of a couple of features we needed to improve. This has caused a slight delay in the release plan and we now aim for a public release on Sourceforge within three weeks.

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2009-01-15

Version 2 of OneCMDB is just around the corner

We are currently testing a new and vastly improved version of OneCMDB. It contains a lot of new, exciting functions and features. We plan to release the new version before the end of 2008.

Here are some of the new features:

* Improved OneCMDB engine with multi-user support
* New, easy-to-use GUI
* Graphical, dynamical presentation of CMDB model and data
* Role-Based Access Control
* Integration with Nagios ... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2008-11-05

New OneCMDB version (1.4.x) released

Saturday 27 October, 2007
Lokomo Systems has today released a new OneCMDB package, version 1.4.0 (beta). The new software release contains an improved OneCMDB engine and several brand new OneCMDB applications covering areas like Incident, Problem and Asset Management.

The applications are small and minimalistic and the idea is that they shall serve as examples of what can be achieved with OneCMDB. The applications interact with the OneCMDB engine through the OneCMDB Web Services interface and they are based on a new GUI framework, which is now included in the OneCMDB distribution.... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2007-10-28

OneCMDB version 1.3 launched

An updated version of Lokomo Systems´ OneCMDB-software is now available for download. The new version has a Webservices interface in addition to the Java API. The new Webservices interface allows for applications written in other languages than Java to easily communicate with OneCMDB. It also enables applications to access OneCMDB remotely over a network.

The new version features an improved auto-discovery function. The discovery function browses the user´s network and populates the CMDB model with basic data about network equipment it finds. On the found equipment it also scans open ports to find out what applications are running. ... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2007-06-11

Version 1.2.1 of OneCMDB released

Lokomo Systems has released Version 1.2.1 of OneCMDB, an object-oriented and XML-based CMDB. The new version is available for download at

New features are:

* A new function with a calculator metaphor, which is used to memorize an object (CI) in the CMDB that the user likes to re-use in a form at a later stage. Simply press the MEM button to store the current object in memory and the RCL button to recall it later.... read more

Posted by Thomas Hogenes 2007-02-05

OneCMDB Version 1.1.0 released

OneCMDB Version 1.1.0 is now available for download. The new release has the following main features:

- Graphical presentation of CI:s and relations
- Possibility to switch between different database models
- Support for Linux platforms

Version 1.1.0 comes with two CMDB models, one basic and one more advanced model.

Posted by Patrik Johansson 2006-11-17

Demo site - example applications

Visit the demo site to see two example applications using OneCMDB. The purpose is to give users and developers an idea of different applications that can be realized.

Posted by Patrik Johansson 2006-10-17

Developer, see OneCMDB Core Java API

Do you want to write a program that communicates with OneCMDB Core, then see

Posted by Patrik Johansson 2006-10-09

OneCMDB on Linux

It's possible to run OneCMDB single user edition v1.0.0beta on Linux, but you need to configure it manually. See

Posted by Patrik Johansson 2006-10-04

OneCMDB documentation

Check the online documentation. We update it continuously. For example, see "Quick start Next" for how to proceed after running auto discovery.

Posted by Patrik Johansson 2006-09-19

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