#2 Toshiba Equium A110

Darren Salt

System vendor: "TOSHIBA"
Product name: "EQUIUM A110"

Looks like it might be somewhat different - not sure,

Discovered so far:

0x9E bit 3 set: touchpad disabled
0xB9, bits 0 to 2: display brightness (range 0 to 7)
0xA3, bit 0: appears to be backlight disable bit
0xB0: temperature?

Saying ectype=11 allows the extra buttons to work.


  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2006-09-05
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  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2006-09-05

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    Thanks for those precious informations.
    Do you still have a windows partition ?

  • Darren Salt

    Darren Salt - 2006-09-05

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    The Windows install got removed very quickly. It did get
    started up once, but I rejected the EULA... what information
    were you hoping to gain from Windows, and how?

    BTW, the backlight on/off code works fine.

  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2006-09-05

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    Most ectypes implementations (In fact all but 12, and also
    13 in the next release) have no probing mechanism. As they
    just read/write some EC address or send some command to the
    keyboard controller this is unfixable.

    What was done in the past was to try all possible ectypes
    and exclude those which gave unrealistic result for lcd or
    temperature for example.

    The question I wanted an answer was "Does you laptop belong
    to a previously known ectype or does it require the creation
    of a new one ?"
    Just looking what files the Toshiba utilities installed in
    windows is a way to obtain an answer.
    What I just did is to download the "Common Module" driver
    from Toshiba and see that the nbsmi.sys driver is the same
    as the one of the Toshiba A105.
    So your ectype should be 14 and there should be no point
    creating a new one.
    Unfortunately the display brightness address does not match.
    Please note that ectype 14 gives pretty minimalistic
    suppport and in fact quite broken now.

    To clarify the situation:
    what features does NOT work with ectype 1 ?

    As the Toshiba utilities seems to use the same driver as the
    one of the A105, I should ask Toshiba for the technical
    documentation. If their answer is positive, I should be able
    to implement a decent backend for ectype 14 (A105) which
    hopefully will work for you too.
    But first I have a release to make, so please be patient.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    With ectype=1:

    'blank', 'hotkeys', 'lcd' all fully working.

    'display' doesn't seem to pick up my plugging in an external

    'fan' doesn't work at all; writing to it trips the BIOS into
    thinking that the battery is low (even with AC connected).

    Not sure about fan policy: it reports 0, 1, 124, 0, 0, 0,
    10, 87, 25, 95.

    Temperature reading seems fine.

    Writing to 'touchpad' seems to do nothing.

    AC & battery seem to be adequately handled via ACPI; ipw3945
    notices the wireless kill switch.

  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2006-09-06

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    Ok thanks, I would recommend you boot with ectype=1 until
    appropriate backend is made.
    Just ignore fan, fan_policy and display.

    Can you give me please the output of /proc/omnibook/dmi so I
    can enable autodetection ?

  • Darren Salt

    Darren Salt - 2006-09-06

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    BIOS Vendor: TOSHIBA
    BIOS Version: V1.30
    BIOS Release: 07/20/2006
    System Vendor: TOSHIBA
    Product Name: EQUIUM A110
    Version: PSAB2E-002006AV
    Serial Number: [deleted]
    Board Vendor: TOSHIBA
    Board Name: Null

    Note that I've upgraded the BIOS (from 1.20).

  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2006-09-07

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks, will be added in trunk

    I'll keep this open until at least I know Toshiba response
    concerning technical data

  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2006-09-07
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