#9 No scan code for fn keys with Toshiba M40

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I am trying to use Fn keys on a M40-245 toshiba laptop.

I use the omnibook module with ectype=13 (autodetect).

The LCD function works fine and now I try the fn keys.

I know the developpement of these feature is in progress, but for the moment there is no scan code when I try it with xev.

Is it normal ?

Here is my email address :

thanks a lot for your help.


  • Anonymous - 2007-01-17

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    same problem here with Toshiba M40-281, lcd works great, I love it in combination with gnome-power-manager and its brightness applet!

    Fn keys do not work, I'm willing to help.


  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2007-01-22

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    Yes hotkeys enabling does not work the the M40.
    If a hacker with an M40 could help...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'm doing some hacks on tecra_acpi module by Frederico Munez, basically I developed a input device to get scancodes redirected to the keyboard device. At the moment it is still a hack, but when ready I'd like to upload it somewhere (math, would the wiki fit?) together with a patched version of hal (so that it is recognized as brightness device, etc). Since I'm not a expert developer (but learn quickly :cool), I choosed to hack tecra_acpi (much simpler than omnibook), but I'd like to patch omnibook as soon as I'm confident with it.

    Let me know what you think

  • Matteo Zandi

    Matteo Zandi - 2007-01-25

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    I added a little hack in the patches section, altough not elegant at all, it works for me.

    Mathie, did you actually tested this?

    * 2. Scancode 0x6d generated by kbd controller
    * 3. Scancode 0x6d caught by omnibook input handler

    I don't get that scancode, so I needed to do a watch, if somebody knows a better solution, please provide a patch. I'm not a programmer, so I did my best but you understand.. right? :)


  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2007-01-31

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    Hi Matteo
    Thanks for you patch I will look at them as soon as possible (in 5 minutes in fact ...)

  • Yamane

    Yamane - 2007-05-22

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    I have the same problem in M45-S355.
    No scan code is get by xev (FN+Fx or quick-keys, as "play", "stop", "browser", etc).
    I can change brightness writen in /proc/omnibook/lcd.

    Best regards,


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