#21 no apmenu in omnibook-2.20070211 ?

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I tried to use omnibook-2.20070211 on my Toshiba A135
laptop. It fails compile into the 2.6.17 kernel with
"apmenu.o needed". There is no apmenu.c nor .h in the latest release. However, the omnibook-2.20060921 release
has these files and works fine. Is this a package error, or do I need that 20060921 version?


  • Math_B

    Math_B - 2007-04-08

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    I removed apmemu between the 20060921 and the 20070211 release.
    I really doubt that you need that legacy hack with a recent laptop such as the A135,
    which is unfortunately not yet supported.
    But I am of course ready to hear why do you need that.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi, I was trying to do a kernel patch and build, when I got the error. But I realize now, that since I need to specify an ectype when loading the module, it is best built as a module. It builds fine as a module, but dosn't patch the kernel correctly. Or more correctly, it patches the kernel ok, but the kernel build fails with the apmenu.o error. It works fairly well on my A135 with the ectype=12 parameter. Working are lcd brightness, blanking, cpu temp, and mouse-pad-switch. Thanks for your time.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yes, I had the same problem with apmenu.o in the makefile
    Just remove apmenu.o from the targets in /usr/src/drivers/misc/omnibook/Makefile
    and relaunch the kernel complilation.


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