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Virus found in Windows launcher

A virus have been found in the Windows launcher for OmegaT+, the file is OmegaT+.exe. Please use antivirus software to detect this, remove it, if you have downloaded any of the OmegaT+ packages with a Windows launcher in it. This includes the Windows specific OmegaT+ packages and source packages which also include the same base files (in launcher.7z).

The windows packages have been removed so far to avoid spreading the virus, which is a trojan type (identified as Win.Trojan.Agent-754994 with Clam AntiVirus Scanner).... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2014-07-28

OmegaT+ 1.0.M3.1 released

OmegaT+ 1.0.M3.1 (Milestone 3, Update 1) is released and ready for download. OmegaT+ is an easy to use and powerful Computer Assisted Translation tool used by translators, software localization engineers, and other language professionals.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2010-05-15

OmegaT+ 1.0.M3 released

OmegaT+ 1.0.M3 (Milestone 3) is released and ready for download.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2009-11-14

LanguageTool 1.0.0 packages released

Packages for LanguageTool, a proof-reading tool, have been updated to version 1.0.0. These are convenience packages for users. If used with it will only work with version 3.0.1 or greater.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2009-11-02

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2.3 released

Minor update/bug fix release: drag and drop support added to text components and Mac OS X bug (missing desktop menubar) fixed.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2009-07-21

Java Runtime Environment update packages released

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 update 13 packages have been released on the project. This is for convenience of OmegaT+ project applications users only.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2009-04-28

LanguageTool 0.9.7 packages released

Packages for LanguageTool, an application to find grammatical mistakes in text, have been updated to version 0.9.7. These are
convenience packages for users. If used with it will only work with version 3.0.1. Check the notes for more information.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2009-04-23

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2.1 released

OmegaT+ 1.0 Milestone 2, Update 1 is now available for download.

This is a minor release with bug fixes and a few additional features.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2009-03-10

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 Liknux RPM package released

Linux RPM package for OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 has been added. The filename contains the date stamp 081228. So don't be confused, it is the latest version (RPM packaging has some quirks that only allow certain filenames).

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-12-30

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 Mac OS X package released

.dmg package for Mac OS X has been released for version 1.0.M2 of OmegaT+

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-12-30

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 Linux and Windows packages released

Linux and Windows packages for OmegaT+ version 1.0.M2 have been released.

These separate packages have the addition of a launcher application for the OmegaT+ jar file. OS specific executable can now be clicked, in addition to using shell scripts to launch application.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-12-28

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 released

OmegaT+ version 1.0.M2 (Milestone 2) has been released. M2 represents a significant step forward from the last version (M1), that includes sentence segmentation, new and updated document filters, revamped user interface functionality, and serious work done to make the application more robust and reliable by eliminating many bugs and changing parts of the core software architecture.

Currently this is a preliminary paper bag release in terms of the packages, with just a simple binary and source package available. Prettier wrappers (packages) for easier install/use on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows will follow in the near future.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-12-25

Validator 1.0.RC2 available

Packages for Validator 1.0.RC2 are now ready for download. This update version adds command line input/output of a TMX file to and validation results from the application for use with other programs or utilities.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-11-11

LanguageTool packages

Packages for LanguageTool, an application to find grammatical mistakes in text, have been added to OmegaT+ for download.

These have been added as a convenience for users. Check the notes for more information.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-11-11

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 Documentation

Documentation for OmegaT+ has been updated and a new localization guide has been added in anticipation of the upcoming 1.0.M2 release. More updates will follow.

OmegaT+ documentation is available on the website ( in the OmegaT+ section.

Also, a few new translators have come on the project. A big welcome goes out to them as OmegaT+ moves forward.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-10-10

OmegaT+ 1.0.M2 feature freeze

OmegaT+ now has its features frozen as it moves towards releasing version 1.0.M2. Please be patient, this could take awhile. It will be worth it as the application moves towards a full version 1.0 and has more professional features, behavior, and look compared to its closest competitors.

Please show your appreciation for this project by donating funds or contributing your work to the project.

More information will follow as progress is made.... read more

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-09-24

OmegaT+ PDF Tools

PDF Tools have been updated with a new version of pdftk and pdfedit added.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-06-26

OmegaT+ 1.0 M1 builds re-released

OmegaT+ 1.0M1 (build 080312) released. This is a re-release of the previous version without non-GPL compliant code inherited from OmegaT.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-03-12

OmegaT+ maintenance

OmegaT+ has been temporarily removed for maintenance. Code inherited from OmegaT contained license violations and some source code was missing. The offending code is being replaced and sources put it place. Packages will be available again soon.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-03-01

bitext2tmx 1.0M0 (build 080229) released

bitext2tmx 1.0M0 (build 080229) has been released and is available on OmegaT+. Replaces build 080218.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-03-01

OmegaT+ 1.0 M1 builds released

OmegaT+ builds 080129 and 080220 are available.

Use the latest one (080220), fixes a bug that made the documentation impossible to find from the application. 080129 was just to add some source code that was missing.

Please report any problems to the project.


Raymond Martin (OmegaT+ project manager)

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-02-25

OmegaT+ 1.0 M1 released

The first milestone version OmegaT+ leading up to release 1.0 is now available. Everything is in a very preliminary state, but stable enough for working with.

Please help this project along by participating in its evolution. Contributors are welcome.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2008-01-25

Validator 1.0 RC1 availability

Validator 1.0 RC1 has just been released. Validator replaces TMXValidator, from which it is derived. It uses a Java Swing user interface instead of SWT. Looks a little better and should work on more platforms.

Still a preliminary version, so report any problems to be fixed.


Raymond: Martin (OmegaT+ project manager/developer)

Posted by Raymond Martin 2007-09-20

OmegaT+ is now a LISA member


The OmegaT+ project is now an official member of the <a href="">Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA)<a> and will be working towards improving TMX and other standards that they develop.

The OmegaT+ project is dedicated to the quality of localization and translation standards and free software used in these fields.

We invite all interested parties to get involved with OmegaT+ and LISA in the pursuit of common goals and welcome contributions.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2007-04-26

omega t+ is now OmegaT+

The descriptive name of the project has been changed from omega t+ to OmegaT+.

The new name will give the project more visibility and is in accord with its legacy roots.

Posted by Raymond Martin 2006-11-01