Test app

  • Almon B. Strowger


    Great project Hans-Martin!

    Just wondering if I'm missing something because
    the included test app (with the dodge) has a
    problem in release 1.0.0 --No texture shows.
    (On Pocket PC.)
    It works fine for me in the .83/.84 release, and
    in fact the older version of test.exe still works
    fine with a new 1.0.0 build of the dll.

         Almon B. Strowger

    • Hans-Martin Will

      Thanks for bringing this up. Looks like the code as compiled in the distribution has the texture turned off:


      So just flip the comment lines back.

      - HM

    • free314

      free314 - 2009-08-28

      hi  HM
      I met the same problem.
      now I have enabled the texture.

      I ran test.exe in the emulator again, this time it came to be a blank white screen.
      What should i do??


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