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release 5.5 xml configuration file

I just updated the ocamaweb.xml config file (the version included in the 5.5alpha package was out of date).
With the last version ocamaweb will produce :
> OCAMAWEB: I cannot find <ocamaweb.xml> file in <d:\bin\ocamaweb\&gt; or this file is not completed
and she will use the "default" configuration file

Posted by equation 2003-02-17

release 5.5

a new release of OCAMAWEB (5.5) is downloadable. The modifications are about using the config file : OCAMAWEB.XML

- now adding a keyword into the xml file will produce a new line \def\ocamaweb<keyword_name>{<keyword_content>} in the generated tex file
- the remplacements of matlab signs (==, ~=, &, etc) are now configurables by the user (in the xml file)

une nouvelle release d'ocamaweb est disponible (5.5)
ses modifications sont au niveau de l'ajout de paramtres l'extrieurs du code (dans le fichier de config ocamaweb.xml) :... read more

Posted by equation 2003-02-14