#502 Warn user about unrecognized columns in data

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Nomi Harris

Sometimes a data file has columns that are not in the current configuration. Phenote currently writes an error message to stdout/log but then just proceeds to ignore the unknown column(s), which is ok if the columns are empty, but really bad if there were values in the columns that will now be lost. Phenote should pop up a warning if there are unknown columns in the input data. (Ideally, it would warn only if the column is non-empty, but that may be harder to implement.)


  • Nomi Harris

    Nomi Harris - 2011-02-10
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Nomi Harris

    Nomi Harris - 2011-02-10

    Fixed in 1.8.6

    If you load a data file that has column(s) that are not defined in the
    current config, any values in those columns will be lost if you save the
    data. Phenote was inconspiciously printing an error message. Now it brings
    up a popup that warns the user about unknown columns.


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