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FOX v 1.0.1 is available

A new version of Fox "Free Objects for Crystallography"
is available. This new release fixes a few serious or annoying
bugs, and adds support for multiple phases in powder patterns.
See the full changelog at the bottom.

FOX is a program for the global optimization ( ab initio
structure determination) of crystal structures
(mainly) from powder diffraction patterns (neutrons, X-Ray).
Components of the crystal structure can be described as
atoms,molecules using a Z-Matrix description, or polyhedras.... read more

Posted by Vincent Favre-Nicolin 2001-10-15

ObjCryst++ Crystallographic Library: First release of FOX

The FOX program ('Free Objects for Crystallography') is a program for the Global Optimization of Crystal Structures from powder diffraction data (X-Ray, neutron). It is available free of charge in compiled form for Linux(x86) and windows (tested on 98 & NT).

It features a full graphical interface, and allows the definition of crystal structures using atoms, or polyhedras, or molecules using a Z-Matrix approach. Optimized for inorganic structures, it allows the automatic correction of special positions/ shared atoms via a 'dynamical' correction of the occupancy of overlapping atoms.... read more

Posted by Vincent Favre-Nicolin 2001-09-19

ObjCryst++ Beta2-July 2001

New release for the library. Most classes have been cleaned up to make future developments easier.
The GUI of the upcoming global optimisation program is also mostly working (not available, though). See the 'news' par of the project home page for a screenshot.

Posted by Vincent Favre-Nicolin 2001-07-11

May 2001-Initial release

This is the first release of ObjCryst++, dated may 2001. There is no interface and saving of structural data. Next release to come at the end of june !

Posted by Vincent Favre-Nicolin 2001-06-21